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Explore the following Features :
1. Prospect Identification
2. Convert Visitor into Leads ( Funnel Creation )
3. Convert Leads into Customers ( Funnel Nurturing )
4. Reports & Analytics

All-in-One Marketing Automation Software

Key features

1. Prospects Identification

Identify from which region your visitors are coming from. Which devices they are using and how many of them are new visitors. This helps you to make better content display based on visitor behavior.

Location and Devices

Find GEO information of your anonymous visitors. Check which devices ( tablets, smartphones, etc. ) they are using to browse your website.

New / Returning Visitors

Check how many of them are new.

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2. Converts Visitors into Leads

Motivate your web visitors to become a lead for you. Display forms, landing pages and push your visitors to give their information.


Design awesome landing pages, and motivate your anonymous web visitor to give their information and become a lead for you.


Forms on web pages help you collect more leads. Ask them to fill the forms and contact you for your services.


Use bars, modals, notifications and full page takeovers to collect leads. Initiate them at right time and based on their actions such as exit intent.


Based on location and device you can offer dynamic personalized content which are more targeted and relevant for your web visitors.

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3. Nurture leads through Automation to become Customers

So now you have a lead, nurture them automatically. Start email drip series, lead scoring on their visits, automatically profile and segment your leads, start multi-channel campaigns (email, sms, web notification).

Email Marketing

Simply do the email blasting or start triggered email marketing campaigns based on segments.

Automated Campaign

Start multi-channel communications (email, text, web notifications) using segments. Start communications based on user information and activities.

Progressive Profiling

Guide visitor at every stage. Automatically gather new information from your returning visitors and segment them more. Then send personalized campaign based on this new information.

Lead Scoring

Automatically assign points to your leads based on geo and/or activity information. Qualify them for prospects and help your sales team. Run automated campaigns based on their scores.

Audience Segmentation

Easily organize the contacts / leads into segments and automate communication streams that align with your marketing strategy.

Reporting & Attribution

Turn your knowledge into power with simple but powerful reporting and attribution tools.

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