Marketing Automation Audit

Let us do the Marketing Automation Audit for your Business.

What is Marketing Automation Audit?

Marketing Automation is a must-have for every business. It automates the whole “Lead Collection” and “Lead Nurturing” process.

Marketing Automation can get you 500% more leads from the same Web traffic / visitors. The key is  “Right Implementation”.

Marketing Automation Audit for New Users. It will include :

For first time users, our Audit will figure out how much growth your business can get by using Marketing Automation intelligently.

Marketing Automation Audit for Existing Users. Our comprehensive Audit will include :

For existing users of Marketing Automation, our Audit will reveal if you are using MA in most “intelligent/optimized” way to get the best results.

  1. Analyzing your setup which collects Leads. Here we will analyze for web forms design, landing page design, pop-ups, downloadable digital assets, etc.
  2. Analyzing your setup which nurtures Leads using Marketing Automation. Here we will analyze your Drip campaigns, email marketing framework, audience segmentation, Progressive Profiling, Lead Scoring, etc.
  3. Analyzing your reports section setup.