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All-in-One Marketing Automation Software

A much better alternative to Hubspot, Marketo, Keap & Clickfunnels.

Landing Pages

Design awesome landing pages, and motivate your anonymous web visitor to give their information and become a lead for you.

Web Forms

Forms on web pages help you collect more leads. Ask them to fill the forms and contact you for your services.

Pop-up Forms

Use bars, modals, notifications and full page takeovers to collect leads. Initiate them at right time and based on their actions such as exit intent.

Email Marketing

Simply do the email blasting or start triggered email marketing campaigns based on segments.

Free CRM

Integrate with popular CRMs like Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot, vtiger, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, etc.

Audience Segmentation

Easily organize the  contacts/leads into segments and automate communication streams that align with your marketing strategy.

Automated Email Series / Campaigns

Start multi-channel communications (Email, Text, Web notifications) using segments. Start communications based on user information and activities.

Lead Scoring

Automatically assign points to your leads based on GEO and / or activity information. Qualify them for prospects and help your sales team. Run automated campaigns based on their scores.

Progressive Profiling

Guide visitor at every stage. Automatically gather new information from your returning visitors and segment them more. Then send personalized campaign based on this new information.

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Funnel Creation

Collect Leads

  1. 1
    Create Landing Page / Conversion Forms

    Use powerful drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful landing pages, web forms, pop-ups, etc. Very easy to use.No coding required.

  2. 2
    Auto-add Contact Properties

    Set rules to auto-add Tags, auto-send to Segment Lists, Push data to CRM, etc. This way you ensure your new contact/lead is automatically segmented.

  3. 3
    Collect Leads

    You get Leads which is already tagged and segmented. Now you can start nurturing your leads by using various automation features.

Funnel Nurturing using Automation

Nurture Leads through Automation

  1. 4
    Setup Lead Nurturing Rules

    a. Create Segments (dynamic lists / contact group)
    b. Setup Lead scoring rules
    c. Define Lead Stages
    d. Setup Campaign rules or Funnel rules (based on Decision, Action and Conditions of the Segment/Contacts)

  2. 5
    Send first Email Broadcast

    Once setup done, send your first email campaign to all your Contacts. They will be nurtured as per your funnel rules.

  3. 6
    Done. Your Leads will be Nurtured automatically

    This is how your Web visitors / Contacts will be nurtured :

    a. For your web visitors :
    if they put their info in your landing pages forms or pop-ups or your web forms, they will start getting nurtured as per your funnel rules setup in step 4.

    b. For your Email Openers/ Clickers :
    The funnel rules will again get triggered and will continue to nurture your contacts based on their actions.

  4. 7
    Reports and Analytics

    Get detailed reports with actionable inputs.

More Than You Think

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Built on Mautic, Open-Source

Mautic is the World’s most popular (200,000+ Organizations using it) and most reliable Marketing Automation technology. We offer “hosted, bug-free, optimized and ready-to-use” Mautic.

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Most Aggressively Priced

Most aggressively priced. No On-boarding or Training Fee. We offer "10x More Value" than our costly competitors like Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, etc.

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Premium Support

We are always available for your assistance. We deploy and run it for you. Further, our "Managed Services" are very cost-effective and ensures results with Marketing Automation.

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Client’s Testimonials

Just a few words from our clients

The software has everything you need to make full marketing automation. You can create contacts, segment them, create landing pages, forms, emails campaigns and so on. The campaign builder is very good and intuitive.

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Maryam Amiri

Marketic is packed full of features normally found in high-end software and platforms. The ability to do A/B (split) testing within the app is great.u003cbru003eCampaigns (automated workflows) are very flexible.

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Hossein Shams

With little tech support you can save hard $ in marketing automation. The process works well for company of all size. Take a try if you are new to Marketing Automation.

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Sarah Johns

Happy Clients

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