WhatsApp Chatbots for E-commerce 

The current era is the era of technology and AI. Here every industry is investing in AI or we can say in chatbots to streamline their day-to-day processes. Particularly if we focus on the E-commerce industry the dependence on WhatsApp chatbots has increased significantly. As WhatsApp is the most widely messaging app which is used by everyone. The E-commerce industry is among the fastest gowning industry in the world. Billions of consumers shop every day. To cater to these problems WhatsApp can help tremendously. Many e-commerce companies are incorporating chatbots in their day-to-day processes.

Custom-built WhatsApp e-commerce virtual assistants are, in fact, paving an excellent way to break through the conventional marketing methods and drive fruitful engagement with customers and convert the prospect into customers.

Whatsapp chatbot for E-commerce is simply software that runs on the encrypted Whatsapp Platform and allows you to communicate with potential customers.

Advantages Of Having Whatsapp Chatbot For E-commerce Business

Converting the ideal shoppers into paying customers is the most critical challenge faced e-commerce industry at the moment. A WhatsApp chatbot not only helps in automating the process but also helps in addressing customers’ queries. Also, the support team can manage the escalation of the customer’s queries.

The following are the advantages of Whatsapp Chatbot for e-commerce:

  • Allows a live conversation with instant replies to the customer’s questions.
  • Assist customers in enhancing their shopping decisions
  • Accelerate customers’ buying decisions.
  • Helpful in enhancing brand reputation.
  • Helps in keeping customers’ chat history.

Why Whatsapp Chatbots, not any Other Platforms?

Following are a few factors to consider why WhatsApp chatbots are better.

  • Broadcasting of Messages and groups

WhatsApp chatbots offer great features for eCommerce companies where they can reach out to their customers in real-time. Even they can broadcast messages, make announcements regarding the offer, and send wishes on special occasions.

  • Send Automated Messages

Whatsapp chatbots allow you to create a chatfl0w and send automated texts. By this, you do not need to keep your customers waiting for a response. Even during non-working hours, you can keep them updated. Using the WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce, you can also gather instant feedback from customers.

  • Send Multimedia Attachments

Whatsapp Chatbotas allows you to share videos, and images with different multimedia attachments, including audio, video, images, documents, text, location, and contact information, eCommerce companies can leverage WhatsApp chatbots to answer customer queries in a much more engaged manner.

  • Placing Order

An eCommerce WhatsApp chatbot is the best way to create a single-window experience for customers from initiation to repeat sales. Prospects can browse through the Whatsapp chatbot itself and there are high chances of making purchases quickly.

  • Appointment Scheduling

Whatsapp chatbot can also help customers schedule meetings with the support team. In this way, the issue can be resolved quickly and customer satisfaction can be increased.

  • Automating Frequently Asked Questions

E-Commerce organizations always want their customers to have a seamless experience right from the start to the final purchase they make. But for this, you need to help them via a few FAQs which can assist them in this journey and help them to make their purchase decision easier.

  • Post-Sale Support

Once the customer receives their order, the WhatsApp chatbot for an online business can be utilized to do a quick post-purchase check-in. This is useful in the installation of the products. Like how to instructions. 

Here are some of the tips for Whatsapp chatbot automation

  • Maintain clear and transparent communication
  • Know the right time to target the customer
  • Protect your customers’ privacy


With chatbots predicted to manage 85% of customer service interactions, the e-commerce industry is going through a significant shift in terms of customer experience. 

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