What is Hubspot Saleshub?

Hubspot Saleshub is a service that can help you improve your sales performance and simplify sale cycles. Saleshub optimizes time-consuming tasks such as lead identification and assignment creation. 

With HubSpot Saleshub users can do multiple things at an advanced level, which benefits its increased sales of the business. It is user-friendly for GUI ( Graphical User Interface).

It also provides

  • Advanced sales analytics
  • Sales interaction tools
  • Configure-price-quote (CPQ) functionality for developing businesses.

Essentially, the Hubspot SalesHub is a CRM on steroids, offering you more features to close more deals.

Features of HubSpot Saleshub ( Free Feature )

Here are some free features of Hubspot Saleshub:-

Contact Management

Contacts are an essential part of sales and marketing. In HubSpot contact management help to make strategies to manage the database of the prospects as well as the lead. Having a contact management strategy in place for your database can help you increase income and productivity.

  • We can make a list of different companies as per the industries.
  • Implementing a contact management plan will assist you and your company in achieving the aim of increased engagement.
  • It also helps to examine your recorded calls.

Live Chat

HubSpot chatbot connects with your website visitors in real-time to generate new leads, close more sales, and improve customer service. With live chat, your website visitor can directly connect with team members

  • Create live chat to connect customers accordingly.
  • You can also create a welcome message.
  • You can decide where the live chat should appear
  • Customize the live chat’s display appearance
  • In the options tab, you can also customize your live chat’s language settings.

Reporting Dashboard

HubSpot dashboards are used to organize related reports for various reporting needs. For your usage, you can also construct new dashboards and personalize their reports. 

  • A dashboard’s owner can be changed
  • Dashboards can be cloned or removed.
  • It can be shared with other users in your account. 

Deal Pipeline

This feature visually represents the deals and potential deals that help to grow business. It aids in the visualization of your sales process in order to forecast income and detect sales obstacles. It also helps to track the different stages that each deal has. Also helps in tracking buyers’ journeys.

HubSpot includes a sales pipeline with seven deal stages:

  • Appointment scheduled (20%)
  • Qualified to buy (40%)
  • Presentation scheduled (60%)
  • Decision-maker bought-in (80%)
  • Contract sent (90%)
  • Closed won (100% Won)
  • Closed lost (0% Lost)


It’s a small piece of text that you can have pre-created within HubSpot. Which can go ahead and add into any email that you are sending.

There are two ways to add a snippet:

  1. In the text editor, type the #symbol.
  2. select a snippet from the dropdown menu by clicking the snippets icon.


The task is like TO-DO-LIST, which is used by creating tasks. Tasks can be used as reminders for individual records, therefore task queues can be used to handle several tasks. You can also plan work based on your calendar and previous results, or automate tasks based on transaction phases.


With the document tool, You may create a library of content for your entire team and upload it or share the documents with your contacts using the documents feature.

  • The first five documents uploaded into an account which is available to free users.
  • Also, you can track who has viewed the Dox when you share a document with HubSpot. It will be automatically tracked, allowing you to see whether and when your contact views it.
HubSpot Document

Meeting Scheduling

The meeting tool allows you to connect with Google or Office 365 calendar, which helps you to schedule a meeting in your free time. The schedule page shows the user busy if they have any other meeting at the same time and date.

  • You may also change the default scheduling page.
  • Add more calendars
  • Host the scheduling page URL on a connected domain.

Service Tickets:

With Service tickets, you can keep track of trends over time and arrange all of your customer inquiries in one location using tickets. Create tickets and allocate them to team members so that they may provide the appropriate assistance at the appropriate moment.

Service Tickets


The quotes tool extracts contact and company information from the HubSpot CRM to generate a sales quote. Therefore, you can add products developed through the HubSpot and Shopify connection or utilize the e-commerce bridge API as line items on your quote using the HubSpot and Shopify integration.

Setting up your quote following the steps below:

  • Enter quote details
  • Review and edit buyer information
  • Verify that your personal information and company information is accurate.
  • Review and make any necessary changes to the line items that will show on your quote.
  • Collect signature & payment of quote
  • Review your quote content


The benefit of adopting HubSpot Saleshub is that it allows Sales to work together to establish a consistent and well-defined sales system for your company. However, it also helps to take our marketing, sales, and customer service to the next level.

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