What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional Emails are the emails that confirm a transaction that has occurred between you and your content. Typically, it is a method of disseminating information.

For Example:

  • A classic example of a transactional email is setting a username or password.
  • An order confirmation email, which is an email that a user receives from any website confirming the details of an order that they have just placed. Most of us overlook the use of them as a means of selling.

To send emails, transactional email typically employs an API ( Application Programming Interface ) or SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) Integration. Now, this technique of subtly presenting products may complement the customer’s initial purchase. It’s an excellent way to Increase Sales.

Some large corporations, such as Amazon, have been doing this for a long time, and it works. Now, the key to selling in transactional emails is to be subtle and use a suggestive tone rather than overtly selling phrases used to deliver these messages.

What are the Types of Transactional Emails?

Reminder Emails

It is a mail that reminds a customer of Specific Information. For Instance: Expiration of subscription or Expiration of credit card.

Order Confirmations or Invoice Emails

An order confirmation is a document that the supplier sends to the buyer. It verifies that the order is received and accepted.

Order confirmations

Account Creation and Verification Emails

This email is the process of verifying that an email address exists, is active, and was created by its valid owner. Also, an email is sent to the user after he enters his email address on the website or landing page.

Password Renewal Emails

These are the emails that users receive when they are having trouble logging in and from which they can renew and use their passwords. For example: Reset your Facebook login Password you got Emails with a code to change your password.

Password Renewal Emails

Service Feedback Requests

This is a type of email in which we gain knowledge about the user’s opinions on our service or a product. It also increases customer loyalty and enables marketers to collect valuable insights and apply them to their product improvement.

Service Feedback Email

Abandoned Cart Notification Emails

This email is a major part of eCommerce and is used for follow-up. When a user adds an item to their shopping cart but then leaves the site without making a purchase. As a result, this message encourages the user to buy the item.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent to new users to greet them when they visit our website and log in for the first time. It can include special offers, a sign-up form, or simply a friendly greeting in order to establish a relationship with a new contact.

Event Notifications Emails

This email is used to notify the user of upcoming events. To share the details of the event’s time, location, and date. In addition, we use this email to complete user registrations.

Shipping Notification Emails

Shipping Notification emails are automatically generated emails sent by a vendor to users informing them of a shipment. It also indicates that the order has been dispatched for delivery.

Shipping Notification Emails

Delivery Confirmation Emails

Delivery confirmation emails are used to confirm to the recipient that the product has been delivered to the given address.

Double opt-in Emails

A double opt-in occurs when a user signs up for a marketing research list and then receives an email with a link to click to confirm the subscription.

Legal Update Email

In this email, the user is notified of major changes to their legal documents and policies. Such as changes in the terms and conditions of any business.

Why do We use Transactional Emails?

  • To pass on Information and updates on any services to the Recipient. 
  • Build the relationship between the Vendor and the Recipient.
  • To connect and communicate important information to customers at critical points in the customer experience. 
  • Used to Increase Customer Loyalty.
  • It can increase revenue and engagement through behavioral Triggers.


Transactional Emails are highly predictable, they get open more frequently. Therefore, Transactional emails play an important role in customer retention by ensuring a positive customer experience, which makes customers happy and loyal.

What’s Next?

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