HubSpot SalesHub is a Smart Sales CRM tool that helps you close more deals, build stronger relationships, and better manage your pipeline. It provides all of the tools you need to increase productivity, shorten transaction cycles, and make the sales process more human – all on a single, powerful platform.

Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the three editions of Sales Hub. Each plan is customized to a certain budget and contains different features for resolving specific client needs. This implies that whether you work for a small business or a large corporation, you can choose a plan according to their needs.

In our previous blog, we had discussed the features of the HubSpot Saleshub Free Plan. So, in this blog, we will discuss the paid plan of the HubSpot saleshub.

HubSpot Saleshub Plans

Starter Plan Professional Plan Enterprise Plan
1. Starts at $18/mo
2. 2 paid users included. $9/month per additional user.
3. Only paid users can access the full functionality and limits of these features.
Email Tracking & Notifications
Canned Snippets
Meeting Scheduling
Email Templates
Conversation Routing
Stripe Integration
1. Starts at $450/mo
2. 5 paid users included. $90/month per additional user.
3. Only paid users can access the full functionality and limits of these features.
Automatic Lead Rotation
Account Overview
1. Starts at $1,200/mo
2. 10 paid users included. $120/month per additional user.
3. Only paid users can access the full functionality and limits of these features.
Conversation Intelligence

Features of HubSpot Starter Plan

Hubspot starter plan has some additional features including the free feature of the Hubspot Saleshub. Therefore, this plan gives you free tools with increased limits. It also removed the Hubspot branding from Forms, Email marketing, Landing pages, Live chat.

So, we will discuss the additional features of the Hubspot Starter Plan.


With this HubSpot sales hub feature, you can send payment links to consumers via email or chat, or they can be placed directly on your website pages. Using quotes or payment links, it’s easy to collect one-time and recurring payments from clients in your CRM.

For payment follow these steps:

  1. Set Up Payments
  2. Add and Edit Bank Account Information
  3. Manage Payment Notifications


Forecasts are used to track their team’s progress towards reaching their sales goals. So, we can create forecasts for different pipelines or what time you would like to forecast like monthly or quarterly. 


Workflow helps you to make your marketing, sales, and service processes more efficient by automating them. Enroll data and take action on your contacts, companies, deals, quotations, and tickets using enrollment criteria. It also involves lots of tedious repetitive tasks. And also helps you to nurture leads.

Workflow Extension

Sales Automation

Sales Automation helps automate your sales process and cut time-consuming operational tasks. Its function is to regulate or handle the daily, weekly, or monthly obligations that sales reps and managers have. 

Sales automation benefits your business by

  • Increasing the productivity and performance of sales reps.
  • Increases sales hub efficiency
  • Enhances the accuracy of the sales process and speeds it up
  • Ensuring that sales lead
  • Improve the quality of sales tasks by streamlining them.
  • Reduces response time, perhaps improving customer satisfaction.
  • Also ensures that sales data is consistent throughout your sales team.


It’s simple to measure your success with defined quotas for each user or team by creating goals. Company managers can create user-friendly quotes for their sales and services teams. Later it can be assigned to the users, team members, or pipeline level.

  • With Sales Hub Starter and Professional plans, you can only access revenue goal measures.
  • Sales hub enterprise, it allows you to access the Calls logged, Deals created, Meetings ooked, and Revenue goal measures.

For adding new goals follow these steps

Setting > Tracking & Analytics > Goals > Click Create > Click the Type of Goal > Select Sales or Services > Measurement > Select Goal Measure > Select Checkboxes > Click Add

Conversation Routing

Conversations is a HubSpot feature that allows you and your team to browse, manage, and respond to incoming communications from a variety of sources. In one consolidated inbox, you can triage communications coming to your email address, Facebook, or your website.

Multiple Currencies

It allows you to Add and Edit your Account Currencies. If you are working with multiple currencies. To better correctly measure the number of your trades, you can add currencies to your account and specify an exchange rate compared to your principal company currency.

  • Providing different plans also provides different limits to add currencies.
  • Only the Main admin can add or edit currencies.
  • You can also manage Existing Currencies 

For adding new currencies follow these steps

Setting >  Account Defaults > Click Currency  > Click Add Currency >  Add New Currency > Add Exchange Rate > Save

Features of HubSpot SalesHub Professional Plan

Hubspot Saleshub Professional plan has some additional features including the Starter feature of the Hubspot Saleshub. So, we will discuss the additional features of the Hubspot Professional Plan.

Automatic Lead Rotation

It allows creating unique rules to allocate CRM records to your sales staff automatically. It’s a process that assigned leads automatically to sales teams.  Lead rotation that is automated saves time and capacity for sales managers, allowing them to focus on what matters most: their team’s performance. 

You’ll need to do the following to generate lead rotation based on territories:

  • Define your domains.
  • Make your workflows.
  • Leads of high quality and rotation


Create teams to organize your account tasks. You may quickly report on each team’s success by rotating leaders, sorting through material, and rotating leads. It also organizes your users into groups for reporting and organizational needs.

For Creating a New Team:-

Setting > Users & Teams > Click Team > Create Team > Enter details > Save

Hubspot Team


E-signature or electronic signature is the same thing. You can also sign digital quotes by using e signature. There will be no more printing and mailing of hard copies are required. eSignature is legally valid in many countries like the United States, Canada, European Union, the UK, and many other countries. 

  • eSignature carries legal weightage as written signature. 
  • HelloSign powers HubSpot’s e-sign feature.


Forecasts are used to keep track of their sales team’s progress toward their sales targets. We can build forecasts for different pipelines or for any period you like, such as monthly or quarterly.

  • It give power to your team
  • Helps in Making better decisions
  • Manage your pipeline with ease (multi-pipeline forecasting)

Workflow Extension

Workflow extensions trigger actions and transfer data to other tools you use, as well as your customized external applications. Through custom workflow actions, Workflow Extensions enable a smooth experience for automating operations between HubSpot and other platforms.

Integration workflow Extensions in HubSpot Sales hub

  • Put time back into your day by automating your follow-up.
  • Customize and personalize your automated sales emails.
  • Workflows can help you streamline your sales process.

1:1 Video Creation

In the Hubspot saleshub, you can directly create and share tailored videos with prospects, as well as track their performance. You can add videos to pages, marketing emails, blog posts, and knowledge base articles using the files tool.

Smart Sent Time

The Smart sent time feature can send marketing emails at the same time, across timezones. A feature that many email marketing software vendors offered and that many clients request. Get recommendations for the optimal time to send each prospect. Automate your email to go out at that certain time.

Sales Analytics

In sales analytics a set of fully customizable reports that you can alter and save to your dashboards right out of the box. Sales analytics reports provide you with information on the overall health of your sales funnel, allowing you to teach your team and improve results over time.

Types of Sales Analytics Reports:
  • Coach Reps & Teams
  • Forecasts & Pipelines
  • Sales Outcome

Features of HubSpot SalesHub Enterprise Plan 

Hubspot Saleshub Enterprise plan has some additional features including the professional feature of the Hubspot Saleshub. So, we will discuss the additional features of the Hubspot Enterprise Plan.


In HubSpot Saleshub, the playbooks feature can be used in a variety of ways, especially in sales and services. You may use the playbooks tool to provide direction to your team members by displaying interactive card content, company, deal, and ticket records for them to reference and write consistent notes when engaging with prospects and customers.

Single Sign-on

A Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to connect to HubSpot using single sign-on credentials, which makes it easier for them to log in while also increasing security and allowing you to regulate who has access.

Here is Single Sign-on Setup in general

  • Login to your account with your identity provider.
  • Navigate to the applications you want to use.
  • Create a new HubSpot application.
  • Copy the identification and also issuer URL and paste it into the appropriate sections in HubSpot’s SSO configuration window.
  • Verify by clicking the button.

Sandbox Account

A sandbox account is like a dummy HubSpot account. It helps to test functionalities before they go public, test various updates and functions in a safe environment without affecting your primary account.

  • A sandbox account is distinct from an app developer account, which is used to create HubSpot integrations and apps.
  • Each sandbox has a different Hub ID
  • Sandbox can access all features that you have in your main account subscription
  • User are not allowed to make calls in sandbox account
  • Emails sent from a sandbox account contain a different transactional IP address than emails sent from the main account.

Admin Notifications Management

Create notification profiles by role or set default notifications for all users in your account. Super admin users can generate account default notifications for all users, as well as notification profiles based on permission sets.

Steps for Notification Management:

  • Default account alerts can be changed.
  • Create notification profiles based on the permissions you’ve granted.
  • Profiles for notification management
  • Notification profiles can be edited or turned off.
  • Profiles of notification clones
  • Also Remove Notification profiles from the system.

Hierarchical Teams

Hubspot saleshub Enterprise can construct a team hierarchy by setting up parent-child relationships between teams. To suit the way your organization operates, organize users on several levels based on team, area, business unit, brand, or any other factor.

Custom Objects

HubSpot allows you to store practically any form of data, such as subscriptions, locations, shipments, events, and more. View custom object data, create workflows and generate reports based on custom object data. A mobile version is also available. You can customize the associations between custom objects and other objects by adding properties to them.

Recurring Revenue Tracking

To better assess the impact of renewals, upgrades, downgrades, and churns on revenue, use the revenue analytics tool to measure how much revenue you’re producing or losing over time. Meanwhile to manage and track recurring revenue and renewals, need to create detailed reports. With the revenue analytics report, you can also examine and track the predicted value of a deal over time.

Reports > Analytics Tools > Click Revenue Analytics > Add properties and Start Tracking > Click Create Properties


Hubspot saleshub represents, everything you do should be geared toward increasing revenue for your firm. With every subscription, HubSpot provides aesthetically pleasing feathers that help to grow your business to the next level. 

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