What are Hubspot Forms?

HubSpot forms allow you to collect a variety of data from users, including addresses, email addresses, and feedback. Which you can also use throughout the HubSpot ecosystem in areas like day-to-day operations, use Smart Content, Workflows, Content Personalization, and more.

How to Create a Form in HubSpot

In HubSpot, creating a form is a simple procedure with only a few steps. To finish the form creation assignment, follow the steps below.

HubSpot Forms
  • Select Forms from the dropdown menu under the Marketing tab.
  • Click to a New form button.
  • Choose the type of form.
  • Select the template you wish to use, either Blank Template or Custom Template.
  • Click the Create form button after giving the form a name.
  • Fill in the required such as First name, Last name, and Email address.
  • Select the Save form button.

How to Create a HubSpot Form on Facebook?

You’ll be able to create Facebook Ads using the HubSpot user interface once you’ve connected your Facebook Ads account to HubSpot.

  • Connect your HubSpot Ads account to your Facebook Ads account.
  • Click the Create ad campaign & Choose Lead Generation.
  • Make your advertisement. Choose your Facebook page, an ad image or video, body copy, a headline, a call to action, and so on.
  • While generating your ad, Look for the field “Facebook Form“.
  • Create a New Facebook Form.
  • Therefore, Carry on with the ads development process, adjusting the targeting, budget, and timetable as needed.
  • Finally, Publish your Form.

Congrats! You’ve just made a HubSpot-connected form on Facebook.

Types of Forms :

Types of forms

More Details: CLICK HERE


HubSpot Form helps you capture the leads while the forms are embedded in your website and further nurture those lead to your CRM. With HubSpot form builder, you can also convert website visits into qualified leads. Forms can be added to HubSpot landing pages or embedded on any website page.

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