Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing in HubSpot


Inbound Marketing Outbound Marketing
This method will enhance the business by identifying the customer’s needs, following up, building a relationship, and providing effective information.

In other words, inbound marketing is a business methodology that helps to create effective practices and resolve the existing market problems.
Outbound marketing is known as traditional marketing. In this method, you can pitch your customer through shows, seminars, and cold calling.

In other words, outbound marketing is based on non virtually or verbal communication. Which promotes your business and builds connections.

Inbound Marketing Methodology can be applied in three ways. 

Inbound Marketing

How you can Create a Strategy with these Three Methodologies.


  • Create and publish content through blogs, articles, content offers and social media.
  • Use seo optimization for your content to create them effective. which highly attracts the customers.
  • Use high searching keywords. It will provide you a good amount of lead.


  • When you communicate with your leads you have to be very soft spoken and understand their requirements. It will help to create a long term relationship.
  • You have to be very attentive toward your leads when they call you.
  • Always pretend to be a solution seller, not a product seller.


  • In this strategy you have to ensure your customer to buy or invest in your product & service. For this you have to guide them accordingly by assisting and supporting them in any situation.
  • You can also usesocial media followers to get feedback, questions, or they can share the experience with your products or services.


The most effective methodology in HubSpot is inbound marketing. With this, you can get an overall process start from lead to end with a qualified lead. it will help to make a good amount of leads and increase the business profit. As per the comparison, inbound marketing is more demanding than outbound marketing because current scenario businesses prefer digital marketing process rather than traditional marketing processes. For more Information visit Sales-Push.

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