HubSpot Lead Generation

What is Lead?

Lead is a person who is attracted or interested to buy your product or services. There are different types of leads based on how they are qualified and in which stage they currently are.

In HubSpot there are Different Types of Leads

HubSpot Lead Generation

Marketing Qualified Leads

These leads are only related to marketing activities (Ads, Landing-page) and the marketing team only. We get those leads through landing page forms. The person who clicks on the landing page fills the form and submits the information.

Sales Qualified Leads

These leads are only related to Sales activities (calling, emails) and the Sales team only.

We get those leads through visitors who fill the inquiry section. After getting the contact number or email id. The sales team will follow that lead and convert them into qualified leads accordingly.

Product Qualified Leads

Product Qualified leads mean when someone use your product and services on a free trial basis and now he or she wants to pay for this. 

Also, that lead comes under the sales team.

Service Qualified Lead

In-Service leads, clients want to upgrade their services to get the benefits of high features. This means he or she is interested to pay for your product and services.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process to increase the number of customers and prospects through different activities like email campaigns, calling, advertisements, and visitors. The end goal is to get leads and convert them into paying customers.

Lead Generation Process

HubSpot Lead Generation
  1. Visitors discover your product and services through marketing channels like Blogs, Websites, and Advertisements.
  2. Through CTA (call to action) mentioned in image, button or message. It will help visitors to connect with us.
  3. By clicking on CTA, visitors directly go to the Landing page and fill the requirement information in Form.
  4. After you get information, that means the visitor is now converted into a lead.
  5. Then follow up those leads and convert them into quality leads by convincing them to buy your product and services.


HubSpot Lead Generation is a wide range of tactics, campaigns, and strategies depending on the platform on which you wish to capture leads. Use HubSpot for your marketing channels to increase the volume of leads. for more information visit

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