How To Write Email Subject Lines? 

Email is one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your product. There are billions of emails sent every day, so how can you stand out? The answer is through the subject line. Following are a few tips on How To write email subject lines?

Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is the most common tool for marketing communication. The ability of email allows you to target individuals through personalization.

Add The Recipient’s Name To Email Subject Line. 

When a subscriber sees his name in the subject line, something stimulates in their brain where they need to see what it is. 

Refer To Recipient’s  Location. 

People feel a connection to their hometown. When you add location-specific text in the subject line, readers seem to be curious about what is happening in their area.

Highlight Their Interests. 

If you have collected data through websites and CTAs, find ways to connect with them through their interests. 

For example, you can segment your subscribers by their favorite sports. 

Consider Mobile Display

A maximum number of your subscribers are viewing emails on mobile. The subject line changes with mobile. Apple iPhones cut off subject lines after 35 characters but provides 140 characters for the pre-header. It is advisable to keep your subject lines under 40 characters to ensure it is readable on every device.

Add Questions To Subject Line

People love to answer questions. Questions have the ability to draw the reader into the conversation as a participant. Add questions subject lines that increase curiosity. Your open rates will go up as people naturally want to find answers.

Avoid Looking Like Spam

Never use words that sound too salesy or make promises that you can’t keep. Subscribers can find this annoying and will immediately mark your email as spam. Do your best to reduce CAPS and reduce exclamation as possible. Pro-tip avoid spammy words as much as possible for 100% FREE, 50% OFF, COMBO OFFER, GOLD HERE 

Do Experiment With Emojis

Know your subscribers and proceed with caution. Younger-age subscribers love emojis. If emojis are used perfectly, they help improve open rates. Professional audiences might NOT respond well to emojis. 

Give Command

Sometimes your subscribers need to be told what to do. Giving them clear instructions and a strong call to action will actually help them take action. The trick is to give a direction without being bossy. 

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