How To Write An Effective Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first message that is sent by the organization to a person who signs up for a newsletter. In this post, we will focus on how to write an effective welcome email. As compared to regular emails, welcome emails are more effective. 

Writing An Effective Welcome Email

Send When It Is Most Expected

People expect a welcome email immediately just after subscribing to your email list or newsletter. It is advisable to send welcome emails in the golden hours. That is just after an hour when your subscribers have opted into your list.

Write a Good Subject Line

Craft a great subject so that your subscribers can identify your email in their inboxes. Try to add welcome at the starting of the subject line.


– Welcome to

– Welcome to Techsense labs

– Here’s your Onboarding Kit

Ask Subscribers to Whitelist You

When subscribers add you to their contact book it is known as whitelisting. Whitelisting improves deliverability and also emails do not go to the spam folder

Add Call to Action

 Effective Welcome Email
Effective Welcome Email

The best welcome is the one that results in a revisit. To continue your engagement and make your subscriber revisit, add CTA at the last of your email, providing direction on what to d next.  

Provide Links to Social Channels

 Effective Welcome Email
Effective Welcome Email

Include your social media information in your welcome email. Making it accessible to subscribers to reach out. You could also deepen your connection with them by providing links to your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and encouraging them to follow you.

What’s Next

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Sending welcome email provides you a chance to boost subscriber engagement and turn casual readers into loyal customers. A good welcome email can create highly engaged subscribers and a healthy list.

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