How to warm up IP address?

Internet Service Providers use your IP address to identify you as a sender, and track your sending behavior, and give you a reputation score. Greater the score higher the delivery rates. Warming up an IP address means sending low volumes of email on your dedicated IP and then systematically increasing your email volume over a period of time. During the warmup, ISPs evaluate your sending behavior. The more engagement you receive during the warmup period, the better the ISPs will favor your IP. In this article, we will focus on how to warm up an IP address.

Warm Up IP Address
Warm Up IP Address

How to ensure IP address warming is successful?

IP address warming tips:

Be Consistent

It is important to slowly increase your email send volume. A sudden increase in the sending volume or large gaps between the sending can damage the sender’s reputation.

Target Active Users

Open rates are another important metrics count while warming your IP’s address. So, initiate by targeting users who are active. Check bounce and complaint rates. As you gradually increase your volume, keep analyzing your bounce and blocked rates after each campaign. It is crucial to monitor for negative output. Moving with bounces and blocks could permanently damage your sender’s reputation. 

How to Warm Up IP Address

  • First, choose a segment of the email list to warm up. ISPs suggest starting with your personal Gmail accounts. This is crucial if you are building an entirely new reputation or trying to improve one that isn’t performing very well. Some emails will probably be in the SPAM folder. Pick the emails out of SPAM and put them into your contacts/safe sender lists. That’s why you start with your personal emails. 
  •  Start sending to your contact list. And choose recipients and mail streams who are engaged. You can use welcome email as your trail mail for your new IP. 

If the new IP is not performing well (fewer open rates, more blocks), be patient and consider slowing your volume, allowing your reputation to catch up. 

Warm-up IP Address Schedule

Warm Up IP Address
Warm Up IP Address

What’s Next

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