How To Verify The Email Address?

Cleaning your email list by filtering the spammy and invalid email addresses is known as email address verification. Verifying email address help in reducing email bounce. In this article, we will focus on how to verify the email address.

Why Should We Verify Email Addresses?

Reduce Bounce Rate

Email bounces are the biggest nightmares of any campaign manager. Frequent bounces degrade your domain and IP quality. Resulting in entering a spam folder.

By verifying email addresses you can simply segregate between good and bad contacts. It will also decrease the bounce rate and make you stay out of the spam folder.

Good Sender Reputation

Sending emails to invalid or spam accounts continuously can lead to the suspension of your email account. Verifying email helps in staying out of the spam folder.

How To Verify An Email Address ?

Following are the few tips that you can use for verifying email addresses. 

Check The Email Syntax

Typology and syntax are the most common errors in email addresses. They can be manually checked and modified. The normal email address follows format. 

You have to look for the mistakes in the email address check the typing mistakes like or, which leads to bouncing back of your emails.

Use Online Servers

Using online servers is a technical method to verify email addresses without sending a single email. You need a tool like MX Tool Box for this purpose.

Send An Email From a Different Account

You can verify the deliverability of an email account by sending them an email, but performing this with your primary account is risky. Creating a dummy account is a good practice for this. Further, you can clean up the bounced email accounts manually.

 DNS Lookup

DNS Lookup technique is used to check the reputation of the domain. This technique provides the blacklist or spammy data associated with the entered domain.  

To conduct a DNS lookup, follow these steps

  • Open MXToolbox DNS Check in your browser
  • Add the domain name in the text box provided in the mx tool box and click on DNS check option

You will get the details of the DNS records

Perform An IP Address Lookup

IP address lookup is another way to check the reputation of the recipient’s email account. This technique helps in providing the IP details of the recipient’s email address. 

Follow the steps to do an IP address lookup.

  • Open MX Toolbox in your browser
  • Add the email address in the text box and click on MX Lookup

You will get a list of IP addresses linked with the email address. 

Use An Email Verification Software

An email verification software helps you in doing all the technical verifications in one go. You just need to add an email list, and the software will verify all the email addresses for you. 

All the above methods are tedious, and each task has to be performed individually.

What’s Next

You can use the email verification service to verify an email list and get results in few minutes. 


Hope you find the above information helpful and this will help you in starting your email marketing. We suggest you start your email marketing with, which offers the best features at a very competitive price.

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