How To Send Spam-Free Emails

Sending spam-free emails is the task of every email marketer.  All of us hate spam in our Inboxes. Although there’s nothing that guarantees your email that it will never land in the spam folder. 

Spam-free emails

Here Are a Few Tips For Sending Spam-Free Emails

Have a Clear Subject Line

Avoid words, such as “free”, “spam,” “gold,” “win,” “cash” and other words related to loans or mortgages they are more likely to trigger spam filters. Go easy on the capital letters, exclamation marks, and smiley emoticons in your subject line. Spam filters are often activated by the overuse of capital letters and unwanted exclamation marks.

Restrict Using “Click Here.” 

If you want subscribers to click on links embedded in your email, try to use another combination of words. Avoid “click here” as much as possible. As click here is often found in spam emails. The best alternative to this is to “get more information”, “download now”, “sign up”. 

Use Friendly Fonts and Colors

It is a good practice to stick with normal fonts that are used every day, such as Arial, Time New Roman, Verdana. Use black and blue they are most acceptable.

Funky fonts and bright colors are usually used by spammers, try to avoid those fonts and colors.

Mix Images and Text

If your email only contains an image in the body then there is a high chance that a spam filter could catch it. No matter how eye-catching the image may be. To avoid spam, make sure your email includes a variety of typed text, images, and links.

Ask Permission

This is the most important task, the audience that you are emailing should have given you permission to email them. Never use a purchased email list, using this will generally harm your business as they will straight away mark you as spam. 

Clean Your List

The quality of the list is more important as compared to the quantity. Some subscribers marks email as spam and some also unsubscribe. This affects your sending reputation making it hard to reach the email in your inbox. Removing unengaged subscribers, bounced emails, and other spam traps are the most effective and useful ways to clean your list. 

What’s Next:

Send spam-free emails   

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Sending spam-free emails not only helps boost the open rate but also boosts the conversion rate. One must follow the above points to send spam-free emails. 

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