How To Measure Email Marketing Success

When we run an email marketing campaign it is important to know whether the campaign is successful or not. The metrics which we see to measure the success of email campaigns are open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, spam rate, etc. In this article, we will list a few important email marketing metrics that will help you to measure email marketing success.

Factors To Measure Email Marketing Success

email marketing success
Email Marketing Success


Deliverability is one of your primary factors. It measures the success of your emails reaching their intended inboxes. If people don’t get your emails, there is no way they could read them. Maintaining a high deliverability rate is a crucial step for conducting successful email marketing.

Open Rates

Open rates show the number of subscribers who open your emails. They provide you the information regarding your email campaign. If subscribers like your content, they will open, read and interact with your emails.

Generally, it is considered that the average open rate is 20-40%.

Click-through Rates

Click-Through Rate helps in analyzing customers’ behavior by showing their interest in your products. You can also know what percentage of customers are really showing interest in your offers. CTR is helpful in conducting an A/B testing campaign for your calls to action. 

Conversion Rate

Conversion rates measure both direct purchases and delayed purchases email conversion rate is the percentage of subscribers who complete a goal action. The conversion rate shows how many customers have actually purchased your product via email to your website, to sign-up, and product purchasing.

Unsubscribe Rate

The unsubscribe rate measures the satisfaction level of your clients. If the unsubscribe rate is higher then it is because of the high unsatisfied customers. Sending quality content to them frequently will ensure that they remember you and remain satisfied. Sharing relevant information and content about their interest will help you in keeping low unsubscribe rates.

Abuse Reports

When an email subscriber marks your email as spam, this goes into the abuse report count. This may happen to any sender. Some subscribers just find it easier to mark an email as spam, than to open the email and look for the unsubscribe link. An abuse report is an actual spam complaint that goes to your client’s ISP, which may then block all the emails sent from your email address.

What’s Next

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The above factors will help you to analyze the success of your email marketing. If audiences are getting engaged with our campaign then it is a success and if not they end up marking our email as spam/abuse.

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