How To avoid Email Domain Blacklist?

Your domain may get blacklist if you send too many spam emails and recipients flag your email as a complaint. ISPs may block users from accessing blacklisted websites and may prevent them from receiving an email from blacklisted domains.

What causes an email domain to get into a blacklist?

There are numerous ways that your domain can be on a blacklist.  Let’s check a few causes

Spam complaints

If the subscribers of your email, mark your email as spam, then the email service providers will think that it is true. Even if you have a cleaned list and subscribers opted for your email, a simple click on the ‘mark as spam’ button will count as a spam complaint. The higher the number of complaints higher are the chances of getting your domain blacklist.

Having bad email lists

When your campaigns have a high bounce rate due to the poor quality of the lists, ISPs think that your list may not be opted-in or current. And you are sending emails without consent.

Spam traps

Spam traps include email addresses that are invalid, or inactive for a long time. This addresses to increase the bounce rate thus resulting in the blacklist. 

email domain blacklist
Email Domain Blacklist

How to avoid email domain blacklist

Here are a few ideas to keep your domain out of blacklists:

Avoid sending spam content

There are many words that are associated with spam, these are called spam triggered words. Words like ‘free’, ‘money’, ‘risk-free’, ‘apply now’, etc. Furthermore, the use of capitalizing words screams spam as well. 

Keep track of your email campaign metrics 

The quickest way to get your domain blacklist is by having a high poor metrics track such as open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. Ensure you have a process of regularly validating the data and checking to see if the email addresses are still active. In your campaigns, remove the bounced addresses to avoid sending follow-ups to them. 

Segment your lists

To ensure that your prospects are getting relevant email copies, separate them onto different lists. That allows you to go one step further into email personalization, which avoids spam complaints.

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Domain blacklist seriously affects your email marketing. Maintain a good reputation and send spam-free emails.

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