How HubSpot Conversation Works

Conversation is a Hubspot tool where you can see, reply and manage incoming messages from different channels. Also, you can create a ticket for each conversation to track easily and manage accordingly.

Based on your subscription you can create inboxes for multiple teams. For example sales inquiries inbox and customer support inbox.

Steps to Create HubSpot Conversation

HubSpot Conversation

Create Conversation Inbox

For starting the conversation on Hubspot we need to create an inbox to manage the overall conversation of multiple platforms.

  • Setup the name of the inbox and add team members.
  • Manage your inbox users.
  • Configure your notification preferences.
  • Setup email filters to organize your mails in the right way.

Connect Channels to the Inbox

After creating the inbox we need to integrate that inbox with channels like:

  • Team email channel
  • Chat channel
  • Form channel
  • Facebook messenger.

Create Chatflow

For the website page, you have to create a chat flow, chatbot, or live chat. By enabling the target rules you can set your chat flow on multiple pages on your website.

To add chat flow on your website page you have to install HubSpot tracking code to enable the chat flow on your website (applicable only when the webpage is not hosted with Hubspot).

Start Conversation

If You Receive an email or message from the visitor then it will land in your inbox. After that, you can start a conversation with the visitor. During the conversation, you can add a comment to an ongoing thread and also reassign the conversation to another team member.

To add a new client to your database you have to create a contact record.

Analyze Conversation

In this step you can analyze:

  • How your channels work and perform.
  • Chatbots take how much time to reply to the visitors.
  • Analyze Chatbot Conversation completion rate, click detail, date range.

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