5 Reasons to Upgrade your Business with HubSpot Marketing Starter

Hubspot marketing starter plan is the combination of effective tools with less price. In this plan, you can enhance the visibility of your digital marketing campaigns and get a high amount of outcomes.

Let’s have a look at 5 Reasons why you have to choose a Hubspot marketing starter:

1. Less price and high effective:

Starter plan starting at just $ 50/month. With this plan you can get access to a stacked marketing toolkit, space of 1000 contacts in your database also includes:

  • List segment
  • Chatbot builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Email marketing
  • Form building

2. All in one email campaigns activities (creating, tracking & analyzing email campaigns):

For email marketing, you can create your templates, track your campaign performance and analyze the report in one place.

Also include a drag & drop editor which helps to edit templates, add backlinks or media files, and many more.

3. Hubspot Forms:

Hubspot form is one of the best way to collect information about your website visitor and contacts. In this you can create and customize your forms for:

  • Newsletter Sign-ups
  • Contact Us Form
  • Event Registration

In forms you can also easily create a workflow by using the Follow-up feature. This practice will make your work easier, utilize automatic response and engagement 24/7.

4. Chatbot:

In HubSpot, Chatbot is integrated automation that performs like a virtual employee on your website to analyze the visitor’s queries and provide them an effective answer.

Also, you can customize the chatbot:

  • Language.
  • Message.
  • The contact information that you capture.
  • And also the replies.

5. Landing page:

A landing page is a technique where you have to merge your landing page with forms and chatbots. It attracts visitors to get in touch with your business by fill the details like email-ids or contact details. After that, you can contact visitors and convert them into leads. 


Hubspot Marketing Starter is the best way to upgrade your business. Through this powerful CRM platform, you can make an effective marketing strategy and you can compete with your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get an opportunity to upgrade your business with a Hubspot marketing starter. For more information visit Sales-push.

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