Why do you need to deploy Email Automation for e-commerce?

Email Automation for e-commerce

A case study in the US shows that people prefer to receive emails from companies rather than any other form of communication. They prefer to communicate via email than social media, text messages, or phone calls. At a given point of time, people are more active on emails than on social media.

Email automation for e-commerce remains a flexible and universal messaging medium as people like to receive personalized emails. It goes beyond the digital walls of social networks. It is a direct approach to reach out to a wider range of audiences where you will know the engagements at a minimal cost.

Email marketing and marketing automation allow us to send targeted and long messages to our target audience, in spite of their location and buying lifecycle.

Let’s take a look at the 5 automated emails that you must deploy at your e-commerce:-

1. Welcome Series

It has become a common aspect for the people with the e-commerce shopping experience, that they expect welcome emails in their inboxes as soon as they subscribe to a new list or newsletter to make a purchase from a given website for the first time. A welcome email is the very first point of contact between you and your new or potential customer, so the messaging flow should be right as it can make or break your relationship with your target audience member. As it helps to increase the engagement between you and your customer.

Email Automation for e-commerce

2. Abandoned Cart Reminders

It happens when you add products to your shopping cart and then click the back option from the website because you were unsure about purchasing or you want to purchase it later. Most of us have and get an abandoned cart reminder that keeps our almost purchase products in our minds by reminding us. Since adding something to our cart means that we like and entertain the idea of purchasing it, that gentle push should be all that is needed to get someone to click the “buy now” button. To increase the conversions from your abandoned cart you can offer discounts for the product with the reminder message.

Email Automation for e-commerce

3. Post-Purchase Follow Up

Following up is an ageless deals method, which tells the client that you like their business and shows them that you actually care about their fulfillment, despite the fact that you’ve as of now accepted their installment.

Email Automation for e-commerce

4. Re-commitment Prompts

Most web-based business organizations have huge areas of their email records that have fallen into the “withdrew crowd” class. These are crowd individuals who haven’t bought from you, visited your site, or even opened your messages in a while.

You simply need to utilize re-commitment prompts to get them back on your site and buying.

Computerized re-commitment brief messages frequently include some kind of excessively great to-miss offer exhibited in the subject or principle title. Regardless of whether it’s a free item, a rebate, or an opportunity to win something, you need to include the motivating force unmistakably.

5. Upsell Offers

Getting clients to spend more by sending them to upsell offers is an extraordinary way of expanding income and building up incredible examples of rehash buys. Utilizing mechanization and triggers to illuminate the substance assists with boosting the importance of your deal.

Email Automation for e-commerce


Mechanized messages can remove a gigantic weight from you. When joined with divided email records, set off messages can guarantee that profoundly designated messages are being conveyed to your leads and clients at the most ideal second to get results.

Regardless of whether you’re inviting them to your email rundown. And sending them offers to expand their buy esteem, computerized email series. It can drive significant changes that would somehow have been abandoned.

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