EmailPush PRO

Most Powerful Email Marketing Automation Software

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Advance email marketing automation software

Standard Features

Powerfully-simple features let you concentrate on your business — not marketing technology.

Built-in Email Templates

Create email campaigns that look great on desktop and mobile devices. No coding required.

Mobile Optimized

Your campaigns will render perfectly no matter what device they're opened on.


Send messages the instant someone joins your list. Perfect for welcome campaigns.

Scheduled & Date Based Campaigns

Send campaigns at a specific date and time. Perfect for sales, events, and holiday greetings.

Subscription Forms

Create custom forms to collect emails, get more customers, and start your automation.

Detailed Reporting with Geotracking

Automatically capture your contacts location for Geo-targeted campaigns.

Advance Segmentation

Combine customer characteristics and behavior to target contacts.

Social Sharing

Track your campaigns viral spread on popular social media sites.

Google analytics and Other Integrations

Track what contacts do after they click through to your site and Combine customer characteristics and behavior to target contacts.

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