Why You Must Implement Marketing Automation in Business

Implement Marketing Automation in Business

In this era of attention deficiency in the world, especially among brands, it is critically important to be relevant to your customers. Readers give us a tiny opportunity by viewing our brand message, via email or SMS, or web banner or by visiting our website. Certainly, you won’t like to miss even this tiny opportunity for your business. Do you?

Well, Marketing Automation can help you gain the maximum of this opportunity. How? What is Marketing Automation and how to implement Marketing Automation in business?


Marketing Automation is the automation of marketing of your business through software with the goal of achieving marketing actions converting to leads. The technology of marketing automation makes easy to perform repetitive tasks like emails, social media, and other website actions. These tasks if done manually consumes a lot of time, but with Marketing Automation all of the tasks can be automated with detailed analytics which saves time and results in more productivity to your business. It is one of the most user-friendly marketing channels which can transform your visitors into customers.

Have you ever visited an e-commerce site and looked for a specific product. Thereafter adding that to your cart but eventually, you left that product in your cart and decide not to purchase right away. When you do so, you receive an email from that site,

Hey John,

You have 1 available item(s) in your cart – remember, items aren’t yours until you check out! BUY NOW!


This process is called MARKETING AUTOMATION.

Here are the top reasons why you must implement Marketing Automation solutions in your business. Let us have a look…

Reduces Staff Costs

With the implement of marketing automation in your organization, one employee can compete with 50-person marketing sales and department. You can do this by setting up lead nurturing and marketing campaigns which automatically gets triggered based on certain criteria. Alone Marketing Automation software can replace many employees in your organization providing proper reports. You can build automated campaigns, and set personalized automated emails for your visitors when they take action on your website.

Refine Your Marketing Processes

One of the best benefits of using Marketing Automation is that you can use visualize the whole process of customer journey and marketing strategy to create processes around them. This ultimately enables you to gradually refine how you target and nurture your leads. You can create customer communication journeys based on customer behavior and build digital assets like emails, SMS, etc. And then these digital assets get delivered to the customers based on event triggers depending on his past behavior. You can make the changes in your marketing process after analyzing the bottleneck in your lead nurturing process.

Detailed Reporting

Marketing Automation has the ability to make accountability translucent like what are the bottlenecks in your company. In fact, you are getting thousands of visitors to your website and those visitors are not converting to your “sales leads”, then automatically an email will be sent to the sales department to improve their nurturing campaigns. This feedback system reduces company politics and tough competition within the employees also.

Target Potential Customers

For marketers, Marketing Automation biggest power lies in its ability to reach customers globally across any online or offline media channels. You can choose to send your customers an email, SMS, phone call or tweet when they reach a particular stage of the customer journey. Although with different Marketing Automation tools these options may vary. Some tools may allow automating SMS or postcards and others may not.

Save Time in Managing Social Media Campaigns

With Marketing Automation, you can access all of your social media platforms within one dashboard and post to multiple accounts in one go. Tools like HootSuite and Tweetdeck works in the same manner. It saves a lot of time and in fact, you can schedule your posts ahead of time. Also, you can set and post to a different audience, based on the data from the CRM system. This makes your social media campaign very powerful and impactful while saving a lot of time.

No More Repetitive Tasks

You can free up your employee’s time by reducing the repetitive manual work with automated rules and campaigns. You can create many automated tasks like blog promotion, social media, email marketing, behaviorally triggered emails, lead management, A/B Testing, and reporting & data analytics.

If you’d like to integrate “Marketing Automation” into your business, but lacks the technical expertise to do it yourself, we at Sale-Push.com are happy to help you out and lend you our expertise.

What other benefits you are achieving while implementing a Marketing Automation tool in your business? Have I missed any point in this article?

Let’s hear it from you.


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