Why to Use G Suite?

Why to use G-Suite-
Why to use G-Suite-?
What is G Suite?

It is renowned due to its productivity and collaboration suite. It comes with a solution that is favorable to all in terms of price and functionality. G Suite helps the business to grow efficiently by providing tools and applications built within. It has been designed to serve business in each and every aspect of taking the business ahead.

G Suite comprises of quality collaboration tools such as Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Keep. These tools help remote teams and multiple members of a team to work and contribute together as a team. It also helps them to collaborate their efforts and share the understanding and remains on the same page.


Google Drive also provides a medium to store and share data, files, documents, presentations,

Images etc on the go.No need to exchange bulk email attachment, internet access after one time viewing and accessing the docs with the internet connection, Ease of access, safety and authenticated storage available. Cloud search is also easy to access functionality, It helps to find and locate your data with ease and without making any additional efforts.

Why G Suite?

It is an effective and affordable solution for any business. Ranging from SMBs to Mid Scale Business. It solves the basic need required by any organization in order to communicate (hangouts chat), collaborate(sheets, docs, slides, drive) to increase the productivity of teams and combine effort in a constructive manner.

G Suite offers support to all its customers o a regular basis. It guides the customer throughout each and every step from installation to setup. Although it is quite easy to set up for a techy person once guided through the basics.

G Suite Plans and Pricing

G Suite has different price specifications for Business and Home users. Start with a free trial plan valid for 14 days and decide on your own which direction to move forward and take your business. The basic plan starts with Rs 150/month which comes to Rs 1500 /month providing 2 months free to the user.

G Suite Updates for the upcoming Users

G Suite is looking forward to increasing the rates by 20% approaching April 2019. It is also introducing updates like introduction hangout meet and chat. It will lead to end hangouts majorly later in October 2019. For more Details: Read this article

To find discounts and immediate support team for G Suite: Click Here


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