Why SMB Owners Need Digital Marketing in 2018?

SMB owners
A glimpse into the life of the SMB owners confirmed some of what we already know. According to recently surveyed entrepreneurs, they are time-strapped, working with minimal resources and wearing a plethora of hats to operate and grow their companies. With such competing priorities, it’s no wonder they’re focusing on digital marketing plans and strategies to help catapult their businesses in the New Year.
It’s About Having the Time, Money and Know-How:
  • For the SMB owners who never have enough hours in the day, doesn’t have the resources of a large organization and is a wearer of many hats, digital marketing is relatively fast, cheap and easy to implement. 
  • As entrepreneurs prepare to take on the New Year and decide where to focus their marketing efforts, results of the survey say that digital content is where they’re spending most of their time. Specifically topping the list are email (that’s right, business owners still love email), social and blogging. 
  • If you’re a business owner ready to boost your digital marketing efforts, here are some steps to consider and ensure success this year.
Create Ridiculously Awesome Content:
  • Content is the cornerstone of any digital marketing plan. Crank out ridiculously awesome content and watch your digital marketing soar.
  • Consistently appealing, and relevant content will help build your brand and push online traffic your company’s way.
But remember, there’s more to digital than just content:
  • Survey takers told us the most popular area of focus for marketing this year is email. So, creating good content isn’t enough. Digital marketing, specifically email marketing, requires work and maintenance. 
  • A solid list is the foundation of any email marketing strategy, start the year off with a reactivation campaign.

Reactivate inactive subscribers with these five easy steps:

  • identify your inactive subscribers, 
  • Segment your list based on activity, 
  • Reach out to inactive subscribers, send a “last chance” email to your inactive audience, 
  • Then remove the inactive subs to ensure a healthy email list. 
Optimize, Optimize, Optimize:
  • Giving yourself the goal of executing at least three tests per month will quickly get you into a habit for success. 
  • With email, set up an A/B split test to see which subject lines resonate with your audience. 
  • On social, give your followers a sneak peek of a new blog and email content whenever you post something new. 
  • Make your blog content work for you by teasing it with your email list and on your social channels. 
  • Maximize your chance for success in search engines by reviewing your website content keywords and phrases. The point is to give your digital content the consistent love it needs to yield continued results for your business.


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