Why Recruiters Must Have Marketing Automation

Recruiters Need Marketing Automation

Today’s every industry is tech-savvy and demands data-backed, personalized relationships that marketing automation can provide. As per the study the average American Millennial holds 12-15 jobs in their lifetime and Briton holds six jobs.

Not only in America or Britain but across nations, there’s a lot of job-hopping which is good for a recruitment agency.

Relationships are the core of Recruiting

Building relationships is an essential part of recruiting. But it has become more important as the number of jobs people likely to hold throughout their career has increased.

For recruiter this job-hopping means that candidates will contact them on a frequent basis. As a result, the recruiter needs to continuously nurture relationships even after successfully placing the candidates.

In today’s digital world, recruiters need to find new ways to connect with candidates & employers, to align their requirements, to meet them and to sustain a long-term connection.

Making Relationships Digital with Marketing Automation

There’s no denying that nothing can take place of the human touch. But with technology advancement, recruiters now need to balance physical and digital outreach while building and sustaining relationships.

To achieve this balance and make candidate and employer engagement more smooth and strengthen, recruiters have opted for marketing automation.

A marketing automation platform can be effective for a variety of efforts. Like lead nurturing, campaign building and execution, monitoring campaign effectiveness, and more.

In the area of recruitment, marketing automation can help engage with candidates and employers across multiple channels – emails, social media, etc, to build relationships.

Why Marketing Automation Recruiter?

Being a recruiter you must be wondering why do I need marketing automation? All these years I have been doing my work without the help of a marketing automation platform.

But you do need a marketing automation platform to build and sustain a personalized digital relationship with your clients because that’s exactly a type of relationship that required in the tech-savvy world.

Specifically, marketing automation can help recruiters build stronger relationships by:

Engaging across platforms

Nowadays there are many ways to engage with others like social media, text messages, emails, phone calls. A marketing automation platform can help drive engagement across these platforms as well as tie information together across these platforms.

Build Trust

As marketing automation makes it easy to drive engagement on various channels, it allows for more smooth and clear communication. For example, you might use these different channels to share relevant articles like career trends in the different industries, how to strongly build a resume, changes in the workplace, in this way more candidates and employers engage with you, the more likely they are to trust you for their recruiting needs.

Improving knowledge about preference

More engagement and more conversation lead to collect more information about the candidate/employer and their requirements. Collecting information with every engagement helps to build a profile that captures nuances like topics of interest or preferred channels for communication and helps to personalize the whole relationship with them.

Help to deliver the right message to the right person

Knowledge and information that you will gather about candidates and employers will let you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. For example, segmentation feature of marketing automation will let you to differentiate among the various candidates like- candidate who just joined a new job might be interested in tips to succeed in a new role, one who is looking for a new job might be interested in getting tips and advice on ‘how to crack an interview’.

Long-term relationship

A marketing automation platform help you to build and nurture the relationship for the long term. Say, even if someone isn’t looking for a job change or there’s no opening in an organization, it doesn’t mean they don’t have those needs in the future. You need to be in touch with them. A marketing automation platform can help by continuing to drive engagement and capturing changes in activity and preferences.

Trying It All This With CRM

To make the most of your marketing automation platform, integrate it with the CRM system. Integration makes it easy to drive candidate and employer leads forward and nurturing them as needed and to keep all the information up to date. This integration allows you to build truly personalized relationships.


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