Why Marketing Automation As a Service is Imperative

Marketing Automation As a Service

For any type of business industry, the key challenges for running a successful business should be insights and not operations. Few companies find marketing automation’s software operationality very complex. Due to this, many organizations are unable to make the full potential use of automation software. But with Marketing Automation As a Service, companies can focus on the strategy rather than the complex setup and operational work to get the campaigns built, tested, launched.

It has been noticed that many companies quickly buy a license to an automated marketing system and then worry about how to use it. What they quickly discover with time, is that they have invested in a superb application, but a revelation quickly follows. They realize if the initial investment is not to be completely wasted, then they have to spend more money managing multiple areas. This gets very cumbersome.


Here are few you reasons why marketing automation as a service is the best solution for your business.

Hands-on Experience from Expertise

Generally, agencies deal with different industries projects and deliver marketing automation services to them. Undoubtedly, they have better hands-on experience in this domain. They have a shop of tech geeks, strategists, writers, planners, and designers, Right Source helps companies big and small through all stages of the marketing automation process.

Many Marketing Automation agencies have the in-house ability which genuinely takes the basic vision of a customer and turn it into a successful sales strategy helping their customer’s business to boost. Therefore, every part of the process, except for the final closure of the lead, can be outsourced.

Set-Up & Support

You can free up your team’s time from setting up the platform to deployment. All can be done by experts. Get your platform configured which suits your company’s needs and support your team as it gets up and running.

If you want to set up by yourself, get support and expert advice to perform the automation process. In fact, get your staff trained and ongoing support. They may also offer services/support which focuses on setting goals and delivering high ROI to their clients.

Platform Recommendation

Different industries should prefer the software according to their need and requirement. Get weighed the pros and cons and help you choose the best marketing automation platform for your business.

In fact, at times, you can get advice for your company to hold off making the leap until other marketing automation systems are put in place. Being an expert and running agency, they know better about all the platforms with pricing and can recommend the best out of it. Get a clear comparison of all top market software like Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Act-On, Active Campaign, etc.

Lead Generation Planning

Get a well-strategized plan for your business from experts. A plan that lets you identify, target, capture, and convert the right prospects — all through the use of marketing automation.

This service will also open window for you to learn how to segment and nurture the full spectrum of leads, from prospects who’ve never heard of your company to existing customers in need of nudging. Get a strategy from experts, say, creating the marketing funnel, a content marketing plan, a lead acquisition model, implementing technologies, planning advertising campaigns and more.

Marketing Automation Management

They totally manage your marketing automation operations, from set up to deploy and then generating leads. The entire process can be managed by them which may also include everything from developing company-wise best practices across the implementation of various activities including technical integration, lead generation, and marketing strategy. Also, scoring leads and managing real-time sales alerts to content creation and distribution.

Other Services

Many agencies have even plans to develop other services like content management, creation, planning, and execution or any other services. This will fuel your marketing automation efforts and align with your business goals. Accordingly, different agencies can have different plans.

Remember, the key to success for any marketing organization is not the internal management of the marketing technology but THE RESULTS!

What do you think about Marketing Automation as a Service? Please share in comments below.

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