Why Marketing Automation and CRM Integration is Must for Business Success

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

According to Gartner, CRM spending in a recent year is more than $23Billion. CRM is an essential tool for almost every business.

We can say marketing automation is a new concept as compared to CRM but gaining traction in similar ways.


These two technologies have their own importance but these two work more efficiently if integrated together. If CRM and marketing automation exchange data and work in integration it will provide you the best worth of your invested money.

Most of the new and small business implement CRM without marketing automation-as marketing automation is little complex and need full-fledged attention. But if you are not using marketing automation with CRM you’ll waste a lot of time and resources doing a certain task which otherwise you would have done it with minimal effort.

It’s like CRM and marketing automation are quite made for each other.

Using one without the other is like underutilizing the capabilities of the software.

Let’s get into insight

CRM without marketing automation

A CRM is a software that store leads/customer information and manage the sales process. It stores data and monitors the sales funnel but limits you to track the buyer’s journey.

In the absence of marketing automation, you cannot track where your leads are coming from, what are their demands, what are their past records, it will be a lot harder to nurture them successfully.

CRM with marketing automation fail to personalize your conversation and keep you underprepared for communication.

Marketing automation without CRM

What’s the use of all your hard work which you put in getting leads or nurturing them if you cannot successfully close it i.e. your lead is not sales qualified-lead.

Without integration, you have to manually import leads to your sales database and you won’t be able to monitor the conversion rate.

Getting started with Marketing Automation and CRM Integration Integration

If you’re purchasing CRM and MAP from the same vendor then you need to plug and start work on it. But if you purchased software from different vendors then you have mainly 2 options:

  • If both vendors provide pre-built integration then simply you have to give your account credentials and the systems will start exchanging data.
  • If both the vendors don’t provide pre-built integration, you need to set it up manually using an API to work. Once the systems are configured you are set to go.

The integrated system drives a better sales qualified leads and support to bridge the gap between marketing and sales team. In the beginning, it might look complex but it works as a great platform to get more quality lead and increase conversion rate.



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