Why Landing Page Converts more than Home Page

Landing page

Landing Page” and “Home Page” doesn’t mean the same thing.

The primary goal of a homepage is to motivate the visitor to go to another page-a page that satisfies their need or a page that he/she is looking for.


The primary objective of the landing pages is to be that page that visitor is looking for to satisfy their need.

Let’s help you to understand through a real example:

My friend and I went to a Restaurant on a Friday evening around 7 pm. We sat in our usual places. A waiter comes to us handed us the menu and offer us the glasses of the water.

As my friend started scanning the menu, a flyer slipped out and “Happy hours on Sizzlers- Eat till you overeat Flat 50% off (5pm-12am)”.

Woah! There you go, forget the menu, Sizzlers ordered. Conversion!

The menu is the homepage of the Restaurant and the flyer is the landing page. The offer on Sizzlers may have printed on the Menu also but,

  • There were more chances of it getting lost in the menu among other items.
  • It is not practical to reprint the menu each time for a new offer.
Why landing pages are as popular as they are? Here are the reasons:
  • Particular Offer- No navigation links, no distraction, no beating around the bushes. There is only one action to take and you’ll get the result- conversion.
  • Workability- It is easier and cost-effective to create a landing page, rather than rebuilding the website for the new offer every time.
  • More Relevant- It is highly relevant for your query. You can optimize your landing page based on specific keyword, but you cannot change the message of the entire homepage for a certain keyword/topic or for every offer you run.

We might have ordered sizzler, but a flyer with attractive fonts and design made the decision much quicker, easier and without much brainstorming about ‘what to order’.

This is the power if a landing page, it 10 times increase the chances of conversion.

HomepageLanding Page
Objective To provide an overview of the companyTo provide information about the specific content
Traffic sourcesVariedParticular Campaign
Browse A full range of optionOnly single content
Result Direct visitor to request contentConversion
Call-to-actionDoes not have a strong and prevalent CTAIt should have strong CTA that inspire visitors to convert


What has been your experience in using landing page against homepage? Share your experience in the comment box.



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