Why IP is blacklisted and how to avoid that?

Why IP is blacklisted?

The general reason for getting blacklisted is for sending out spam emails. And if you are sending emails without permission or perhaps someone is using your IP address to send such emails. To avoid being blacklisted in the future, never purchase or rent email lists. Sending to purchased lists is guaranteed to affect your IP address.

How to avoid your IP from getting blacklisted?

Firstly, make sure to include an unsubscribe option in your emails. The best way to ensure your IP address isn’t blacklisted is to avoid marketing practices that put you at risk. So, don’t use purchased lists, ensure your IP address is secure, and send quality content to your contacts.


Three Tactics to Avoid Being IP Blacklisted as a Business | Networksolutions.com

And if you have been blacklisted, then there are steps you can take to be removed from blacklists, however, it differs depending on what blacklist your IP address is added to. Essentially, you need to contact the blacklist and follow the steps they outline in order to be removed from the blacklist.

  • Always use the dedicated IP addresses.
  • To avoid getting blacklisted, when sending emails for marketing purposes, always send them to mailing lists.
  • Lists that contain email addresses obtained through double opt-in and with a valid unsubscribe URL.
  • As single opt-in is not allowed according to most spam laws.
  • Additionally, creating additional DNS records decreases the chance of ending up on a blacklist.
  • The following DNS records can help to avoid blacklists:

–          PTR record

–          SPF record

–          DKIM record

  • Your address can blacklisted due to bad emailing behavior.
  • Your address can also get listed due to a dirty range, open proxy, generic rDNS, infected servers, etc.
  • Or it can also get blacklisted being abused by a spam bot, or simply hosting a TOR exit node.

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