Why do email bounce? Kinds of email bounce?

Email bounce is the condition when your email fails to reach the recipient’s inbox. It means email which fails to deliver. It happens mostly when the email address is no longer active or the domain has expired. In such cases, the email service providers sends you a message for delivery failure and the technical reason for failure. Such conditions affects your email sender reputation and deliverability rate. Therefore, it is very essential for a marketer to know about different types of bounces.

3 types of email bounces are there:-


Hard Bounce

It is the type of email that couldn’t be delivered for permanent reasons. Maybe the email’s a fake address, maybe the email domain isn’t a real domain, or maybe the email recipient’s server won’t accept emails. 

For example:- Mail block- relay denied, Mail block- known spammer.

Soft Bounce

A soft bounce is an email that couldn’t be delivered because of temporary reasons. An inbox may be full or the email file might be too large, among other reasons. 

For example:- Transient bounce, Mail block- spam detected.

General Bounce

A general bounce is an email where the recipients does not receives the email due to the technical limitations of the server. In some cases, receivers firewall settings may restrict your emails. But this type of email bounce is safe and does not affect your email account or sender’s reputation.

Final thoughts:

Marketers should know about these terms and research about them properly before beginning any email marketing campaign. As marketing needs a lot of time, efforts and strategy to make so, one should know about the basics of it. As constant email bounce might break the success of the campaign.

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