WhatsApp Sales Chat & Agent Performance Metrics to Track


Keeping a check on live chat statistics on WhatsApp such as response time and resolution time is the key to high chat service level standards for your business. It’s also a great way to keep up with agent performance monitoring of your WhatsApp customer service reps to ensure they’re providing customers with the answers they need. In this blog, we will discuss WhatsApp sales chat & agent performance metrics to track.

Monitoring WhatsApp chat statistics such as response time and resolution time is the key to higher customer satisfaction and service standard. It is also a great way to ensure the support team is providing customers with the solutions they need.


WhatsApp Sales Chat & Agent Performance Metrics to Track

You have WhatsApp Business in place (be it the free app or the API), your customer service agents are trained and all onboard, and you’re good to go. However, providing good customer service on sales chat platforms like WhatsApp doesn’t just end there.

Whatsapp does not involve sending messages it also involves monitoring and tracking tasks with the benchmarked standards. Through this only you can make customers more satisfied and happy.

While using WhatsApp sales chat following are the metrics that you definitely need to be monitoring.

  • WhatsApp Live Chat: Texts(Messages) Sent, Delivered, Read, Received

Messages are the most basic metric of the live chat. The sales team definitely needs to track the messages that have been sent, delivered, read, and received. These metrics are helpful in managing the team’s performance and understanding how the support team is engaging with the customers. This also gives a portrayal of your business.

  • Number of Chats

This means the total number of chat sessions going back to when you started using Whatsapp business. This becomes easy later when you have marketing or sales campaigns that are tied to your WhatsApp communication with your customers that you want to monitor. You can even track the total number of chats over time to measure the rate at which customers are contacting you via Whatsapp.

To get a high number of whatsapp chat try to add whatsapp chat icon in high-profile areas like a floating button on the website or creating meta ads(Facebook ads) that clicks on Whatsapp.

  • Live Chat Response Timewhatsappp

Live chat response time is an important metric to track for agent performance monitoring. It is among the most important metric that needs to be tracked. This refers to both the first response time and the client’s replies. It measures the availability and reachability of your customer service agents on WhatsApp.

Essentially, this metric tells you how quickly your customer service representatives are responding to messages received via WhatsApp live chats.

  • Average Resolution Time (ART)

To know your chat service level rating these metrics help a lot to monitor the average resolution time. This is the average amount of time your WhatsApp chat agents take to solve a customer’s problem.

Keeping the response time down is a vital task, interactions with the customers must be productive and should yield some results. This means aiming to solve the problem as swiftly as possible.

A low ART indicates efficient problem-solving of the team. In short, this is one metric you’ll want to add to and highlight on your WhatsApp agent performance dashboards as it provides great insights into your customer service and chat quality on WhatsApp.

  • Chat to Conversion Ratewhatsapp

This metric gives the result of the actual conversion of lead to customer.

This is calculated by dividing the number of consumers who have converted after having spoken to one of your agents on WhatsApp by the total number of consumers who have chatted with your agents.

To ensure a high chat conversion rate, you must ensure high chat service level standards.


The above metrics aren’t available for the free whatsapp business account. For smooth transition and flow you must track the above metrics.


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