WhatsApp Automation in Sales

WhatsApp Automation

WhatsApp Automation in Sales

Whatsapp seems to be a necessity in today’s world & staying ahead of competitors requires a strong digital presence and effective communication with clients. One can achieve this by extensively using WhatsApp in day-to-day business operations. Whatsapp Automation allows organizations to streamline messages and provides quick responses to customers. In this blog, we will discuss WhatsApp automation in sales.

Start with WhatsApp Automation

Whatsapp automation generally refers to automating the customer’s engagement activities with the platform. This includes sending messages automatically, setting timely reminders, and collecting customers’ valuable feedback.


You can create a full workflow for how you want to interact with your customers. Whatsapp Automation helps to streamline processes and help to reduce manual work efforts.  

Key Benefits of WhatsApp Automation in Sales

Following are a few points to consider regarding WhatsApp automation.

  • Response time reduction
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Better conversion rate
  • Higher customer experience

Where should I implement WhatsApp Automation in Sales?

Whatsapp automation in sales can help you in a lot of ways. Following are some business processes in which Whatsapp can help.

Automate Support Queries

Support queries are generally raised by existing customers and the organization’s support team addresses these queries. During the Covid pandemic, 42% of customer service requests were resolved through phone calls. These customer support conversations can be automated easily using WhatsApp’s automation capabilities. Here are a few examples:

New Customer Interactions

A lead has sent you a text message on WhatsApp for the first time. Your team can craft an automated greeting message and send it to those leads who are texting you first.

Automated Away Message

In case you are not available or the clients are texting you at odd hours, your team can simply set an automated away message or inform customers when they can expect a response and how to reach you in case of an emergency.

Prime Time Texts

Suppose that your team is working at maximum capacity due to a higher workload and just in time a new message pops into your inbox. You can create a custom message flow to inform customers that you will be available shortly. These messages reduce response time and increase customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Automation In Sales
                WhatsApp Automation In Sales

Automate Sales Activities

Let’s see how WhatsApp automation helps in sales.

Lead Qualification

Your team can create plain text messages that will be send to the prospect lead after they have shared their details. These messages must contain questions that will help you qualify leads and prioritize customers more likely to purchase the product.

Tracking Shipments

When clients make a purchase, you can use WhatsApp business automation to send updates and notifications to customers regarding their order, whether it is shipped, when it’s out for delivery, and when it’s been successfully delivered.

Reminders regarding Payments

Whatsapp automation can be used in sending payment reminders to clients as reminders sent through email might end up in landing spam and there is a high chance that the clients might miss it. Whatsapp automation ensures that the reminders must be delivered to the client’s inbox and urge the customers to open it.


WhatsApp API has become a necessity to build a successful business. It can help you automate sales processes, provide customer support, and increase customer engagement. But to ensure that you get access to all its features, you must select a business service provider that matches all your requirements and sales-push.com can help you in it.



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