What To Do When You Lose Access To Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business page has now become a huge part of many business marketing strategies. It acts as an official page that presents your business in front of your audience, where you can contact your potential buyer, engaged them with your content and nurture them in order to convert them into a customer.

So, what if you lose login credentials to your Facebook business page?  Facebook doesn’t make it easy to figure out what to do when you’ve been locked out. It turns out there are only two ways to fix this:

If There Are No Other Admins

If you are the only admin, the only way you lose access is that you have accidentally removed yourself as an admin and now your page has no admins. This can happen when accidentally you press the wrong button in the Role section in the Page Settings or when you deactivate your personal Facebook account and there are no other admins on the page.

When there’s no admin, your page will be labeled as “Unofficial Page” under the cover image. Click “Is this your business?” The next page will ask you to merge the page with an official verified business page or to provide information to claim this page. To merge pages, the two pages must have matching information. To claim and verify the page, you’ll need to provide a phone number or business ownership documents.

If there are other admins

Another situation is when there are other admins apart from you and you have been removed by mistake. Simply inform one of them that you have been removed accidentally and ask them to add you back.

They can just add you back by going to the Page Settings and entering your email address under the Roles section.

But what if you were removed on purpose? Well, then things get a little complicated.

Facebook will not get involved in between as per their policy.

If you want to know how to recover your Facebook business page you can visit to other blog https://sales-push.com/blog/how-to-recover-lost-facebook-business-account/


  1. I accidentally remove myself as an admin from my Facebook page.
    But i am helpless to gain it the way you are telling is not working


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