What is keyword Mapping and How it can help in Digital Marketing strategy?

Keyword Mapping
Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping means assigning a specific keyword to your page of your website. Its like a GPS which help the search engine to understand your website and helps in ranking your website according to the keyword search of your website through this search engine is able to understand what type of audiences you are targeting.
Keyword Mapping is the foundation of digital marketing it helps to understand the target audience search behaviour and find that particular keyword in your website and increase the visibility of the website.

How Keyword Mapping helps in digital marketing strategy?

1.It will help you to improve the SEO of website by right Keyword  Mapping 

By giving relevant keywords to your website page will help you to increase the ranking and visibility of the website.
It will only increase the organic traffic if any users and searching the specific keyword present is your website better audience search.By knowing the trending keywords you can optimize your content.
To understand it more clearly its like you have a bundle of clothes but you want to find the specific clothe for running if it is label it will become very easy to busy same applies on keyword mapping will help to find the website page easily and helps in digital strategy.



2.Help in enhancing paid marketing by right keyword mapping

Paid Marketing with right keyword research
Paid Marketing with right keyword research

By using the right keywords will help your paid ads to reach the right audience due to this the reach is global and precise.
By targeting the right people the chances of conversion of qualified lead is more because you are targeting those audiences who are interested in your product or services.
The better result with less investment on ads.
If you are running normal ads of shoes on digital platform but if you will specify it what type of shoes like running shoes or add specification with it help the audience reach precise and more accurate.

3.Better content creation by knowing the accurate keywords

Content creation
Content creation

If you know what are the search keywords of your audience related to your product or services then you will be able to create better content.
By using mapped keywords in your content it will be easy for the search engine to and your website at first page.
To understand it better you can take a example of google search in which you are searching something if your content ha the mapped keywords then the audience will see your website at first page.


4.Good website traffic by right keyword mapping

Increase website traffic
Increase website traffic

If your website is well marked with with clear keyword mapping then it will easy for the users to reach the website and find the correct information.
When the users find the product they need then the chances of bounce rate or leaving is very less.
Through this it will be easy to increase the traffic of the website and sales of it.
If everything is well organised in a store here store is like website then it will be easy for the user to search whatever they are want and have user experience.

5.Able to know the behaviour of the competitors by updating keyword Mapping

Google Analytics behaviour
Google Analytics behaviour

Keyword mapping will help you to find the search behaviour of the audiences and this will help you to make better marketing strategy.
If you will regularly update your website it will increase the chances of landing on first page will increase.
To understand it better if a person is searching of a particular product then they are searching for it if your keyword mapping is according to user search then they will be able to find your website easily.


In conclusion of keyword mapping is the most initial and the important part of digital marketing.This will help you to incerse the website traffic by improving the SEO of the website ,content which is more user friendly,good usage of paid advertisement and know the current trend and the behaviour of the competitors. 





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