What Is The Need Of Marketing Automation

Need of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

The world is changing at a fast pace and so do business also. Businessmen apply new strategies to face competition and try to rise above it.


Marketers now focus more on digital marketing instead of traditional marketing. Advertising budgets are shifting and more amount is being allocated to digital instead of traditional campaign. Marketing automation (MA) is a platform which effectively designs a digital marketing campaign. Marketing automation does not only a tool to manage the marketing campaign but also a means to measure ROI.

So how does the MA platform help an organization? What is the need for Marketing Automation? Will Marketing Automation solve entire digital campaign problem? There are many other questions like this.

In my opinion, there are 6 key reasons that justify why to implement an MA in business. Let’s get down to see all of them.

It saves time

Multiple campaigns can be scheduled together way ahead of time and can be published as per your wish. With marketing automation, no longer you have to go into a tool every day and schedule your social media post.

When you constantly switch between tabs to get a perfect campaign, you waste a lot more time than you think. All-in-one marketing automation tools such as Sales-Push.com, will save your time switching from platform to platform, therefore working hour can be utilized for other activities.

More Efficient

MA enables you to perform a task more effectively and efficiently at minimum time. It provides a smooth automatic process to build a marketing campaign in place of a traditionally manual process. It reduces the time and labor cost, therefore, overall costs gets reduce.

Helps to get more out of your CRM

CRM ensures that you don’t miss any lead or no lead get unnoticed. CRM is more contact focused software, it saves all the detail of the customer like names, addresses, phone numbers, and even behavior or conversations they’ve had with you.

When you use a marketing automation tool with CRM, you will be able to see your contact’s sales and marketing activities together in one place. It gives you a clear picture of a person’s relationship with your company (product/service) and according to that, you can plan your marketing strategy.

Target customer across multiple channels

Its harder to a keep track record of a consumer on all channel of marketing (social media, web, text messaging), but one of the key benefits of marketing automation is that it has the ability to reach customers across different marketing channels.

At the time of creating a marketing campaign, you can choose to send an email, text message, tweet, a phone call when they reach a certain stage of the buyer cycle. While most marketing automation tools enable email, social, phone calls, only a few tools (like PlugTalent) enable text message also.


Marketing automation tool makes personalized content to deliver a personalized experience to a target audience. Every message is tailored according to customer traits, manually it is tough to do but automation software do this easily with the help of the segmentation, lead nurturing, etc. Personalized message encourage an audience to open the message and act further accordingly.

Automatically follow up the lead

You don’t need to follow up email on every stage, marketing automation does this on your behalf. In the automation tool you can set up a triggered email campaign in which emails would be sent automatically on the basis of the action done by a customer (potential).

MA is a key factor in the marketing department in the 21st century. It allows you to scale up your marketing campaign, reach prospect more effectively and delivered incredible result like increase ROI, better-qualified lead, reduce your staffing cost, ultimately generates new business.

Hopefully, this post has given you a better understanding of why you need marketing automation for your business and what are its benefits.

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