What is Marketing Automation

Every marketer is talking about marketing automation software, you have been constantly hearing about it, marketers debating about this but you’re still wondering what really is marketing automation?

Today I will try to explain you in the easiest possible language.

Marketing automation is a terminology of a software, which is used for automating various repetitive marketing task such as prospect identification, funnel creation, funnel nurturing, etc.

Through marketing automation software you can create a marketing campaign to market your product on multiple channels like email, social media, SMS in real-time through a single platform.

Let me explain you the whole process/stage in 3 basic bullet points:

  • Marketing automation journey starts with prospect identification or you can say website visitor tracking.
  • Once you identify the prospect and track the source they are coming from, try to convert them from merely a visitor to a lead, capture visitors from web forms/landing page.
  • After you capture your lead, start nurturing them in order to convert them from a lead into a customer by sending automated emails, web push notification, etc.

Once the lead converted into a customer, leave no stone unturned to provide them satisfactory experience.  

Above mentioned points are the outline of the marketing automation process, under this comes many things such as creation of landing page, web forms, segmenting your audience based on certain pre-defined criteria, scoring leads based on their actions and many more, all this help you to perform each process or work on each stage successfully.

Marketing automation software ensures that the right people get the right message/content at the right time with the help of the various inbuilt tools and integration.

You must have heard marketing automation saves time and money; it is absolutely true because to perform all these actions manually would almost take ages and marketing automation does it in a very short span of time.

In short, it helps you to automate your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads, close more deals, and better measure marketing success.

This blog is just a brief introduction to Marketing Automation, for detail read my other published posts.

Hopefully, this article has given you a quite clear understanding of what marketing automation is all about. For any help feel free to contact us and if you have any comment or suggestions, the comment box is in the below do write to us.


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