No one likes getting spam emails. Spam emails are unwanted, non-purpose, and often a scam. Because of this email service providers work hard to keep these unwanted emails out of subscriber’s inboxes and most likely undelivered. In this blog, we will focus on email spam report.

Email Spam Report

What is Email Spam Report?

In simple words, this is the scenario when someone reports an email that you sent to them as being spam. While many of us might think that it is just when an email gets in the spam folder. Most of the email services providers start blocking your IP address if they receive complaints. This will have a direct impact on your email deliverability and will affect your ability to send any emails further.


An Email Spam Report is Recorded When :

  • A recipient clicks on the junk, spam, or report as spam button in the email account.
  • When a subscriber marks the “These emails are spam and should be reported.” option as the unsubscribing reason.

It is impossible to avoid being reported as spam. Even after having a 100% clean email list, some people will mark something as spam just as a way to unsubscribe from an email. An email spam report rate should be less than 0.1%.

How to Reduce Email Spam Report

  • Have an opt-in policy to ensure what your subscribers want to hear from you. 
  • You also need to make sure you are sending the correct content to the subscribers that they have signed for. 
  • Permission-based emails are good to avoid email spam reports.
  • Keep the database clean, and optimize the design of campaigns to ensure good deliverability.

And as long as you’re obtaining email addresses legitimately from your actual contacts and staying CAN-SPAM compliant, you’ll have no trouble keeping the number low.

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Spam reports are a real thing that email marketers have to worry about and take seriously. Give people a way to unsubscribe and make sure you have a clean email list to keep your IP address in good standing. Without a good IP address, there’s no way to get your emails sent.


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