What is A/B Testing and Why it is done for email campaigns?

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a test done before sending email marketing campaigns to the subscribers. It is a split or bucket testing. In this test, we have two different variations of email campaigns which consist of different subject lines, different call-to-action buttons, and different content. After that It is sent to two different subsets of subscribers on the list. Among the two, the campaign that shows more no. of clicks and opens is the clear winner. And that particular campaign is then sent to the rest of the contacts on the email list.

Why A/B Testing is done for email marketing campaigns?

It is done for email marketing campaigns as it results in better open and increased click-through rates in email marketing campaigns. The ultimate goal of this test is to work out which variation of the campaign garners the best results. This similar testing is done for various fields in digital marketing like, it is done for webpage also to see which website attracts more traffic and generates higher leads.


A/B testing can vary in complexity, and simple tests can include sending multiple subject lines to test which one generates more opens, while more advanced A/B testing could include testing completely different email templates against each other to see which one generates more click-throughs. A/B testing your campaigns is very easy. You can use the email builder to create 2 different variations of your email. It will automatically send it to 2 different subsets of your list to see which variation performs best.

Once the test has concluded and the winning version has been found, it’ll automatically send the winning version to the rest of your list.


Performing the A/B test is very important for every marketer in campaigns. As it increases the no. of open and click-through rates of your email up to 127%.

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