What are Marketing Messages in Mautic

The Marketing Messages feature of Mautic available under the Channels section. It is one of the ways you can personalize your communication with contacts and optimize it. It allows contacts to set their channel preference i.e. contact can choose on which channel of communication they want to receive your content. 

Mautic users can set their preferences through multiple channels such as emails, SMS, Web Notification, Mobile Push Notification, etc. If there’s no channel set as the preferred channel, the email will be the default channel. 


For example, if someone preferred text message over other forms of communication and you have created an email and text message to use in a campaign, then Mautic will ignore the email and send a text message. 

How to Create Marketing Messages in Mautic

To set up a marketing message, go to the Channel section, click Marketing Message and then +New. 

You required to set a name and description, select the channels you’d like to include and enable toggle to yes. Or depending on what channel you have selected in the Configuration, you might see, Email, Web Push Notification, SMS, etc. and enable to Yes. 

Then select the item content you have created from the dropdown menu. If you haven’t created any content, create a new from the dropdown. 

Once you’ve configured the messages, click save and close. 

So now, when you include the marketing message, Mautic will send the message type that contact has specified. 

If a channel has reached its sending limit, Mautic will use another channel. It will send the message via another channel. 

So for example, if a contact has opted for an email but it has reached its limit and they have provided a mobile phone number, they will receive a text instead of an email. 

Marketing messages are designed to fire your message out, via whatever channel is available after your contact’s preference channel. 

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