Ways to Use Google Analytics (GA) for Content Creation

Google analytics

You cannot improve your marketing campaigns without monitoring their performance and result it delivers. And when it comes to measuring marketing campaign, nothing can be better than Google Analytics.

GA can also be used in generating content ideas with high potential of attracting visitors and customers.


You must be wondering why should you use Google Analytics for your content ideation process. According to a recent study by SEMrush, content ideation – the process of finding topics relevant and useful for the target audience – is the third most challenging task in content marketing.

Through GA, you can access a plethora of different reports, which you can use to get an idea and create content.  

Here are the ways to use GA for Content Ideation:

  • Use site searches terms as content ideas.

The site search report provides all the search query visitors who have used to look for content on your site.

In Google Analytics go to Behavior>Site Search>Search Terms

  • Access search queries report to create intent-based content.

Create content by looking at the search query report.

In Google Analytics go to Acquisition>SEO>Queries

  • Repurpose content with the longest Average Time on Page.

It tells how long visitor stay on each page of your website and which of your content has a high engagement rate

In GA go to Behavior>Site Content>All pages



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