7 Ways to Optimize Google My Business?

optimize Google my Business
optimize Google my Business

In today’s competitive environment  of Google My Business, 86% of people are optimising their Google My Business to stand out. This helps customers find specific products or services, grab their attention, and increase local traffic. The aim is to outshine the competition, building trust and a transparent business image, attracting more customers, and boosting website SEO. There are numerous ways to optimise “Google My Business,” and we’ll discuss the most prominent methods for enhancing local search visibility.

Ways on How to Optimize Google My Business

 1. Complete Your Google my Business Profile

– Visit Google My Business.
– Fill in your business name and category.
– Add a location if you want customers to visit your physical store.
– Specify the service area.
– Provide complete contact details for easy customer outreach.
– Choose the most precise business category, even if your preferred one is unavailable.

2. Keywords Used to set up Google my Business Profile 

– Use search-friendly keywords in your business name and description.
– Make the business name catchy and attractive.
– Include keywords in the business description to enhance local search visibility.
– Highlight business qualities like environmental-friendliness, affordability, or other customer-attracting features.
– Choose relevant categories to help Google understand your business.

3. Add Photos and Videos (Testimonials, Customer Reviews)

– Use engaging photos and videos to increase local search visibility.
– Include a business logo, exterior shots, or team photos to build trust.
– Follow GMB’s photo and video guidelines.
– Square images with high picture quality are recommended.
– Avoid excessive text in images.
– Avoid using pre-existing images; aim for uniqueness.

4. Reviews


Google My Business
Google My Business

– Manage customer reviews to boost SEO.
– Positive reviews enhance business reputation.
– Respond promptly to customer issues and provide solutions.
– Address negative reviews professionally to increase customer trust.
– Positive responses contribute to increased traffic.
– Over 80% of customers read online reviews for local businesses.

5. Special Attributes

– Utilise Google My Business Profiles attributes to provide precise information about your business.
– Attributes can be in graphical forms, pictographs, photos, or Google Maps.
– This enhances the Google algorithm, improving search precision.

6. Turn on Messaging

– Enable messaging on “Google My Business” for easy customer outreach.
– Real-time engagement fosters trust, visibility, and transparency.
– Generates leads, increases the sales funnel, and helps track customer behaviour.

7. Create Posts

– Craft customer-centric posts for increased visibility.
– Regularly update content, highlighting new products, services, or events.
– Use trending SEO keywords to improve the chances of coming on the first page.
– Keep customers engaged and attract new ones.

By following these steps, businesses can optimise their “Google My Business” effectively, improving local search visibility and engaging with their target audience.


All in all, improving your “Google My Business” is fundamental in the present serious scene, with 86% of organizations perceiving its importance. By finishing your GMB profile, consolidating search-accommodating watchwords, displaying convincing photographs and recordings, overseeing audits, using exceptional qualities, empowering informing, and making normal posts, organizations can upgrade their nearby inquiry perceivability, dominate contenders, and fabricate entrust with clients. These endeavours draw in additional clients as well as add to further developed site Web optimization, giving a far reaching system to organizations to flourish in the internet based commercial centre.


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