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Master Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is under constant change and so do strategies. Marketing strategies are constantly changing as algorithms change.

One of the best ways to keep yourself updated is by connecting with other social media marketers.


When you communicate with like-minded people, you learn something which is valuable to your industry and your business.

Facebook group is one of the most effective platforms to get connected to peers and have communications with them.

Here I am mentioning some of the Facebook marketing groups. These groups led by industry leaders and have thousands of marketers as a member.

Facebook Ad Hacks

It is a group for marketers, freelancers and agency owners looking to offer Facebook ads as a service. This group is run and moderated by Cat Howell, having 94440 members.

FB influence

It was created in 2011 by Andrea Vahi (co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies). By joining FBinfluence, marketers have the ability to connect with over 5000 other business owners.

Social Media Managers

It is a group for social media professionals and hosted by social media pro (create by Kate Buck and Jesse Jameson).

This group hosts a conversation about all aspects of Social Media Management and currently have 28432 members.

BAMF (Badass Marketers & Founders)

Created in 2017 by Josh Fechter, having 24108 members. This group is for entrepreneurs, founders, or growth hackers for learning, sharing, and growing.

Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets

This group is for people who are looking to grow, scale, and expand their agency. With 29937 members, it provides everything that people with new agencies need.

Members are invited to participate in a variety of discussions, from marketing book recommendations to ad run strategies.

Click Funnel

Created by Russell Brunson, this group has 194,288 members.

What initially started out as software to help businesses grow their companies, ClickFunnels now invites Facebook marketers to be part of the #funnelhacker community online.

Marketing with Messenger Bots

If you want to boost your digital marketing, join Messenger Bots. This group is for people who want to or are currently running Messenger Bots for themselves and/or for other businesses as a service.

With close to 7,000 members, marketers can participate in a conversation about the best strategies for chatbot engagement.

Facebook Ad Buyers

Facebook Ad Buyers is a group for advertisers to share tricks and tips of the trade. Learn about FB Ad Buying and connect with other FB Ad Buyers. Compare different advertising tools, tips, tricks and learn from industry-leading veterans.

Social Media United

Rachel Pedersen is the founder of this group and Social Media United. This community is for social media managers/gurus to share goals and new ideas with each other. It has 18020 members.

Shopify, Ecom & Facebook Ads Community

Created 4 years ago and having 24800 members, it is a place for marketers to receive advice from salespeople. This Facebook group makes e-commerce easy by offering tools that can be implemented easily and immediately.



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