Useful Insight about Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

With over 313 million monthly active users, Twitter is a social media platform that’s fast-paced and great for most marketers. It can help you drive traffic to your website, build a loyal customer base and increase sales.

Having a Twitter business page/account is easy. Anyone can sign up, create an account, upload their photo, fill out a bio, and send out Tweets. However, what is not so easy or simple is to grow your Twitter account and turn it into a tool that genuinely generates leads and build up your brand.


But as you begin Twitter Marketing, you’ll find Twitter is an over-crowded platform, battling to get more and more audience attention. That’s why you’ll need to sharpen your Twitter marketing strategy and Twitter analytics can help in this.

Twitter analytics offers valuable information that helps to create relevant content that resonates with your target customers. Marketers can take the help of the analytics tool to know about the audience, their preferences, engagement rate of their content, and many more.

Whether you are drafting a social media strategy or running a marketing campaign, Twitter analytics can help you to plan it well.

Let’s take a look at several Twitter metrics that matter to marketers.

Top Tweets

It is a tweet that has received the highest number of impressions for a given month. It is considered as the most popular tweet of yours. With a top tweet, you can determine what you are doing right. That could be hashtag you used, tweeting time, etc.

Top follower

The top follower metric shows you the account which has followed you, with the highest amount of their own followers. Check this to see if influencers and popular accounts are following you. It increases the chances of your tweets to get more exposure through retweets.

Top Mention

It highlights a tweet that mentions you and which has received the highest amount of impression over a set period of time. Considered reaching out to top mention and keep them in mind for the next influencer campaign.


Any activity on your tweet such as user has clicked on photos, videos, link, retweet, likes, replies, etc. these clicks hints you that someone wanted to know more about your brand or engage more with your content. If one of your objectives is to drive traffic to your website, keep an eye on this stat.

Engagement rate

The number of engagement divided by the number of impressions a tweet receives over a period of time. This enables you to see your most popular posts and also provide you a view on engagement.

Benefits of using Twitter Analytics

Undoubtedly Twitter analytics is one of the most useful tools to gain all sorts of information your account, about your audience, and your performance on Twitter. There are plenty of Twitter analytics benefits, here I am mentioning a few of them.

  • Learn more about your tweet metrics
  • Discover your audience persona
  • See if your ads are working
  • Find the best time of the day to tweet
  • Deep dive into your audience demographics.

Using analytics tools is no more an option, they have become a necessity in today’s stiff competition and data-driven world. When it comes to Twitter there is a dozen of analytics tools such as:

Twitter Analytic

Hootsuite Analytics

Twitter Assistant by Union Metrics


Tweet Reach

All these tools help you to optimize your Twitter marketing performance, maximize your social media engagement, and generate more revenue.

If analytics isn’t a key part of your social media strategy, start using the tools. Over time, you’ll be able to gather information to constantly refine your strategy which ultimately helps you to get the best possible result.


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