Use of emoji in the subject line, is it good? Are you in a dilemma whether to use emoji in your email campaign subject line or not?  This article might help you to overcome this dilemma. 

Emojis are helpful in understanding and interpreting messages quickly. This is the reason why they are becoming more and more popular for brands to use with their customers.


Few things to Consider Before Using Emojis in Subject Lines

Add emojis to the email subject line only when they are relevant. Using too many emojis can cause subscribers to perceive your email as spam.

Conducting an A/B test will give you the answer to the question of whether to use emoji or not.

Send an email with a subject line that consists of emoji to a certain group of people say 50 and send an email with a subject line having no emoji to another group of 50 people. The email that performs better will be the winner, and you may send that email to the rest of your audience. 

Using Emojis in the Email Subject Lines

Adding emojis in the subject line is a great way to stand out from normal. Research conducted by Phrasee found that about 5% of global subject lines in 2017 included one or more emojis. Of that 5% of subject lines, about 1500 different emojis were used. 

Advantages of Using Emojis in the Email Subject line.

Increases Email Open Rate

Emojis make a subject line stand out in a subscriber’s inbox. The better a reader sees your email subject line, the bigger the chance it will be opened. 56% of brands that use emojis in subject lines see increased open rates.

Email Emoji Help Increase Brand Awareness

Being noticed in an inbox can also increase brand awareness. This is true even if the email is not opened.

Emojis in Subject Lines Save Space

Currently, more than half of all emails are being opened on mobile devices. The subject lines usually don’t fit on the mobile screen entirely: only the first 50 characters can be seen.

Although the main words of your subject lines shouldn’t be replaced with emojis, they definitely can help you be more informative and deliver the right emotion.

Best Practices on How to Effectively Use Emojis

Don’t Go All-In With Your Emojis

Can one desire too much of one thing? Sure, but not with emojis. The more you’ll use, the higher the chance that your emojis affect your email deliverability or trigger spam filters. Don’t use emojis for click-bait efforts, use them sparingly and when they’ll enhance your subject line.

Know Your Audience

What’s your audience like? Will they enjoy emojis or will they perceive your message as less serious? Does it fit the tone of the content inside the email?

If you have this information available, check to see what age range your audience is in. Do they use emojis? What type of emojis are appropriate?

Keep the Emojis Relevant

Add emojis because it makes sense, for example: 📈  How we grew our email list from 0 to 10,000. This emoji in the message indicates growth. 

Say it Without Words

Though you don’t want to make it too hard on your readers by sending them mystery riddles, it can be fun to think out of the box and surprise readers every now and then with a subject line that uses emojis in a creative way.

For example, use different emojis to tell a creative story: ☕️  + 🍪  = $5.



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