Ultimate Revelation Of Reaching to Mobile Customers

Mobile customers

The mobile market is not a new concept anymore. It might be that you are also reading this article currently on your mobile. Since the day our mobile phones have successfully turned into “SMARTPHONES”, they are used as a mini laptop. Most of the time you check your emails via smartphone rather than a laptop or computer system. With the increase in this evolving technology, even the marketers have started targeting Mobile Customers. The deepest secret for thriving in your business is reaching out to mobile customers.

Smartphone has provided the convenience to consumers to check their emails, messages and social media platforms anytime, anywhere along with Internet access. Smartphones influence 5.1% of annual retail store sales or $159 billion in revenue. With this luxury, it has become very important for marketers to focus on mobile customers as well. Many businesses do offer mobile customer services but most offerings fall short of customer expectations.


Here I am sharing a few ways by which you can improve the relationship with mobile customers and thrive business relentlessly.

Let us have a look…

  1. Responsive content

Always create content which is mobile-friendly and supports the mobile features. If your website fits into the laptop screens, it is not necessary that it fits on the mobile screen. The laptop and mobile view may vary. You need to make the mobile content very simplified and repurposed for each mobile user device. Most of the companies fail to make responsive content, especially for emails. Before sending, you can test your content on Google’s free tool Mobile-Friendly Test.

  1. Utilize Mobile-Apps to gain attention

Applications are the basics for every smartphone. It becomes more easy, fun and interesting for the customers to make use of applications rather than the websites and emails. You can get instant and mobile-friendly access to the application easily. You can make use of emails or mobile text messages to let your customers know about the application. Authentication, encryption and secure login should all be part of any mobile application architecture. Moreover, offer them exclusive deals to download the app.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Since social media platforms can be accessed anywhere on any device. Smartphones are top on the list where people access social media a maximum of the time. Few companies neglect social media as they do not realize the reach of social media. Nearly 70 million people will access Facebook from their phones each month this year, or 85.4% of the overall mobile social networking population. You must make your business very active on social media platforms to make a good relationship with mobile customers. Update your business activities on social media as well and keep your customers informed about closures, changes in business hours, new products or services and special offers.

  1. Tracking and Analytics

Approximately, two-thirds of the companies do not follow the procedures for tracking and measuring the effectiveness of the mobile offering they made. Most businesses are unable to determine the number of users using mobile devices or to predict what predictions will boost up in the future. The failure to track and reporting the exact performance of mobile programs leaves companies struggling to develop customer experience management strategies that are effective at engaging a broad audience.

  1. Optimizing results and building a new strategy

When you have a clear insight into what and how things are working. You can analyze what improvements you need to make while getting engaged with your mobile customers. This will let you decide what changes you need to make in your strategy. Especially, mobile user’s habits change with time. Always update yourself with the user behavior and update those in your strategies.

Back To You:

Have your business invested in other ways in creating a better relationship with mobile customers? We’d love to hear from you.


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