Email marketing is a practical, low-cost marketing tool that combines convenience with technology. It provides business owners with the ability to reach more customers, which in turn can result in increased sales.There are different types of emails.

Email marketing is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services. It also plays an important role in marketing strategy.


It helps in lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships and keeping customers engaged between purchases through different types of marketing emails.

In this article we will brief you about different types of emails which helps in engaging with customers.

Welcome Emails

types of email

A welcome email is the first email communication a company has with a prospect. Welcome emails enable brands to set the foundation for the kind of cooperation they will have with their customers. Welcome emails show better open and click-through rates. When someone purchases your product or services welcome email is sent to him.

When you purchase product, organizations sends welcome email as a gratitude.

Transactional Emails

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Transactional emails are the messages that get triggered by a specific action your contacts have taken and enable them to complete that action. For instance, signing up for a skype meeting, you will fill out a form and then receive a transactional (thank-you) email, which gives you login information in order to join. The messages that you receive from eCommerce sites that confirm your order are also transactional emails.


types of email

Newsletter informs your customers about the latest news, tips, or updates of your product or company. Some are weekly digests of content, some are quarterly organization updates, and others promote new products.

Further you can also share industry news to keep your subscribers updated with latest industry news. These emails are more than sales tools, they also help to develop a long-term impact on readers.

Thank-You Email

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Customers feel real value when a business takes the time to respond to their queries and ensure that all expectations were met. Thank-you emails are customized to the consumer and include current and future offers, along with a small token of gratitude, such as a certain definite discount on the next purchase.

Promotional Emails

This is the most common of the email marketing campaigns. A promotional email is a commercial message that usually offers discounts to drive sales for a business. The main goal of this form of email is to convince customers to make a purchase, download an ebook, subscribe or register for a service. Promotional emails should have a call to action button so that recipients can take the required action.

The Post-Purchase Emails

Post purchase emails are emails that are sent to your customers after a purchase. These emails ask about their experience with your product or service.


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