True Value of Personalization


Nowadays almost every business has an online presence. There are so many businesses that only deal online they have no physical branch or outlet.

Retailers going out of their way to capture maximum market share through online marketing. From sending welcome emails when you first logged in to sending post-sales emails, try best to acquire and retain customers.

Sending ‘Hi” whenever you log on, list of suggestions based on your prior purchases, sending bonuses, vouchers (to encourage you to buy if you haven’t shopped in a while) or a promo on a certain occasion. All these little tricks work together to keep customers coming back over and over again.

All these strategies/techniques come under personalization.

Personalization is one of the marketing strategies where companies gather information, analyze data and use automation technology to deliver personalized messages and product offering to prospects/customers. It is also referred to as one-to-one marketing.

Every business opts this technique into its marketing strategy because it allows them to engage directly and intimately with the target audience one at a time and draw their attention with content that is purely designed for them.

There are various ways businesses can implement personalization. No two prospect/customer should get the same information or recommendation and you can do this by using dynamic content. It takes your online information, demographics, topics of interest, historical behavior and transactions and tailors the content to your preferences.

Ways to personalized marketing campaign beyond “first name”.

Interesting Facts About Email Marketing

But before you start personalization, there are some key technical steps you should take.

Personalization Techniques
  • Your marketing database should have all the important information about your contacts so that you can create dynamic content based on a certain element.
  • To make changes to your campaign quickly and easily, it is recommended to keep updating the content of the site. Tip: make your site easy to edit and not very technical, it helps a lot.
  • Doing various marketing tasks manually can be error-prone and can hinder productivity. Integrating your CRM system and marketing automation platform is important for scaling up the return on your marketing efforts. This helps you to save time that otherwise, you would have invested in inputting marketing leads into the CRM system.
Marketing Personalization Examples

Look at these examples, it will guide you in the right direction of what you should do when preparing your personalization campaigns.

Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is the core of their buying pattern. They help you to play your marketing strategy. If you’ve let them slide or haven’t studied them properly, your attempts might get into vain.
Try to understand audience persona by asking the right questions regarding the information that you need to create personalized content. Once you’ve got all the necessary information, tailor your offerings according to their specific needs and pain points.

Personalized content at each stage

Your buyer should get personalized content at each and every step of their journey. That means you have to design content depending on the stage of a buyer’s journey whether they are in the initial stage or in the decision-making stage.

Optimize content for multiple devices

Make sure whatever design/content you create should look good on all devices. As more and more people connect via multiple devices than ever before hence you should optimize your content and site for all devices, especially mobile devices.

Create a unique website experience

Your website must have something new to offer to your visitors, your site should stay fresh with new content, changing CTAs, etc. Let your website reflect the value you offer by solving the pain points of your targeted audience members.

Conduct Site Analysis

If you don’t know how much your efforts are paying off then no sense to do hard work that you have been doing so far. Knowing how well your site/page/campaign is performing is important for isolating and noting the behavioral patterns your target audience is exhibiting at a given time. Having this information helps you to take any corrective action if required and give you an insight of what to offer next to keep them engaged and satisfied.

Everyone knows that content is king so personalization can be used to enhance the power of the king.

Everyone knows that adding a personal touch boosts value and has the ability to transform the campaign result for the better. Why not give it a try in your marketing campaign? Have any personalization tips to share? We’d love to hear from you!



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