Trello Software Review

trello software review


Trello is a web-based collaboration application. It helps to organize your work, timelines and provides you with a single view dashboard which avails the current status of tasks. Trello is handy and easy to use the software, the platform provides a smooth way to keep track of all tasks by customizing cards according to our work and requirement and label them with the priorities. Trello is now acquired by Atlassian. Due to its capabilities and flexibility as collaboration software.



  • Manage Cards
  • Organize workflow
  • Kanban View
  • Task Listing
  • Workflow Creation
  • iOS and Android App
  • Drag and drop cards
  • Collaboration with team
  • Task Assignment
  • Third-Party Apps and automation


Why Should I Consider This?

Trello is a leading project management and collaboration software. The software provides you with ease of tracking the tasks, organize your day to day work, most importantly manage your timelines. It provides you with multiple options to manage your business cards, shares it with your team members. It replaces the complex excel sheets and makes the work scheduled and organized.

Moving to plans and pricing the software comes with 3 different plans and have kept in view SMBs and Mid-sized business. The plans are affordable and economic which removes the headache of expensive software. The product now belongs to Atlassian which is an established and renowned product centralized company and is improving day by day. Trello comprises of multiple third-party integrations with different applications.


Plans & Pricing



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