What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are a type of automated email. These emails are the messages that organizations need to send in order to facilitate a transaction or provide a product or service, as requested by the customer.

Organizations use these emails for communicating important info to their customers. In this article, we will look at what are transactional emails and why they are important.


Marketing Emails vs. Transactional Emails

As the word suggests transactional emails facilitate a transaction. These are send when a user initiates a query or transaction. For example, setting a password, or making an online purchase.

Marketing emails are usually sent to promote a product, brand, the main focus of marketing emails is generating revenue for the organization. 

Why Send Transactional Emails?

One of the main objective of sending transactional emails is to connect and communicate important information to customers. A great customer experience begins with excellent communication.


Receipts and Confirmations

Transactional emails

The very well-known types of these emails are receipts and confirmations. These happen after the transaction takes place. When customers receive an email containing information about a purchase they’ve made online, it’s usually an order confirmation or a receipt. 


This type of email contains information explicitly requested by the users. The requests are urgent and users expect these emails to come immediately. For example, resetting passwords.  

Account Alerts

Transactional emails

These emails remind customers of failed payment attempts, OTPs are some examples of account-related alerts. These emails give updates regarding the invoices, or their account being deactivated.

Behavioral Alerts

These emails are marketing-focused as they are used to increase customer loyalty. One example of behavioral emails is the welcome email. 

Abandoned cart emails and reactivations are also examples of behavioral emails. When customers have filled their carts but haven’t finished checking out, they can receive an automated email reminding them of the items they’ve left behind.

Support and Feedback 

Support-based emails help both parties by aiding the communication process and notifying each party of status updates. As with support requests, feedback can also help keep the customer experience positive. 


Transactional email can benefit any business. It increases revenue and engagement through behavioral triggers. It builds customer trust and loyalty through personalization and exceptional communication. These email ultimately helps companies providing an excellent experience, which is not only great for its customers, but for its bottom line as well.


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