Top Tips To Up Your Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing

Social media is an excellent way to boost your site traffic and generate leads. Even though you have a good social media marketing strategy, your social channels are performing well, from time to time you need expert tips to improve and make your social media marketing strategy even sharper.

Here are some tips to boost your social media marketing to achieve your desired objectives.

Start using Instagram Live

You can use Instagram live videos to reach your target audience as it has a huge base (approx 600 million). A video is one of the most engaging media formats. If you are not using it, it is time to consider adding it to your social media marketing strategy.

Instagram Live allows you to add a live video to your Instagram story feed. By doing so, you’ll put your live story in the feed, increasing its presence and reach to your followers/audience.

This is ideal when you want something to share with your audience live and simultaneously wants feedback from them in real-time.

Go paid

Paid advertising is not a part of your social media marketing strategy? It’s time to get the benefits of paid ads on social media. Facebook and Instagram ads have some cool formatting options to make your ads look awesome and stand out from the rest, here you can use multiple images in one advert.

Another huge benefit of paid advertising is that you’re able to hyper-target unique users with specific interests at a lower conversion cost than the more conventional Google Adwords platform.

Retarget your audience

Retargeting is a great way to win back your lost customer/lead. On Facebook, you can design an ad for a custom audience (buyers/leads who are no more interested in your brand).

Use CTAs

Having a CTA on your facebook page can be a brilliant way to redirect your visitors to your website. By placing an integrated call to action on your cover photo or any other place of your Facebook page you’re encouraging your visitors to get in touch with your business, and it’s also an opportunity to gain a little more website traffic.

Do analyze your data

Data analysis should be a part of your social media marketing plan. Doing this you can see the audience’s reaction toward your brand and you can change the content/strategy if required. Data analysis show you everything-how many people clicked your campaign, how many opened it, what is the bounce rate, click-through rate (CTR) and so on.

So never make the mistake of skipping out on analyzing the data relating to your social media channel performance, it can be a great tool to improve your performance.

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